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Our First Family Pet! Mabel Dru, the Standard Schnauzer

Posted on: by Kate

mabel-druSo we thought it was high time we got a pet in our family.  We have had a chicken verse dog debate for quite some time.  Dog won.  We haven’t ruled out chickens for the future, but dog won first spot. We had discussed getting a dog for Christmas, but logistically it just wasn’t working out.  Well as my big kids were with Daddy watching Star Wars I listed a couple things on a local sales group on Facebook.  I made $10 that day – score.  But I also got a little more than I bargained for.  A family was pleading for a good home for their beloved Standard Schnauzer.  I know it is so hard to rehome a pet, we had to do this when our cats decided they hated our human baby.  My heart was a bit sad for the dog and the family I saw on the listing.

I thought to myself “I hope she finds a good home, poor doggy.” as I continued to scroll. And then I was like “Maybe we can be a good home for her?” and I went back and starred at her.  And as I thought about it, it seemed fast but a perfect opportunity.  I showed her picture to Harry when they returned from the movies and much to my surprise he said “Let’s go look at her.”

There we met a sweet 18 month old puppy-ish girl who was clearly loved and we all said “Let’s talk about it and we will be in touch tomorrow.” They liked us and we liked them, the kids fell in love with the pup instantly and we all were like “Can we come get her tomorrow?” Tomorrow was Christmas Eve.  As we loaded her into the car, the youngest kiddo of her first family ran back into the house, it was really hard for him to see his dog be rehomed.  We promised to get together for park playdates the next week – and true to our word we did.  We hope to get together and play once or twice a month with her brother and her first family.


Now we have adopted humans, so I am one of those people that treads lightly on calling this a ‘rescue’ situation or even an ‘adoption’, but I suppose it is an adoption of sorts.  A dog is certainly part of the family!  And while I know there are many amazing breeders out there (we have read our Schnauzer’s paperwork and her breeder was clearly taking good care of the dogs in their care), we also always want to encourage people to look for a dog already waiting for a home.  If you are ready to take a dog into your family check your local shelter or other rehoming options.  I know every situation is different, but  this worked out so perfectly for us and Dru’s first family!

The only problem, which really isn’t a problem at all is that for the last year or so our new little miss has gone by the name “Dru”, which suits her well – but as you might remember, we already have a Roo. No bigs, we will just middle name her.  I had no idea how particular my husband was about naming a dog until we welcomed Dru into our home.

These are the names he rejected Suggested by myself, our kids, or readers from Facebook…

Ruthie (to be fair, this was vetoed for the same reason as “Dru” – sounds too much like Ruby)


…..and several more.  But I think we compromised at the sweetest name for our little lady!  Who here remembers the 90s sitcom “Mad About You”?  Remember the baby and how they named her? –  the acronym  “Mothers Always Bring Extra Love” – aka “Mabel”

So our new pup who was born kinda looking like a little old lady has a name!  I am so excited to introduce our friends and family here to our spunky Mabel Dru!  Just like everyone in our house, Mabel will probably make an appearance from time to time on our little blog.  We are excited to learn and share tips on crate training, learning how to be responsible pet owners, natural pet care, and sharing the best pet products out there.  I plan on going to the Natural Products Expo again this year and you can be sure I will be hanging out in the pet section!  I am excited for our whole family to just be the best companions to Miss Mabel that we can.  We want to keep her healthy, happy, and secure for years to come.

For those that have asked – Mabel is a purebred Standard Schnauzer.  While we had planned on adopting whatever dog needed a home at Helen Woodward Animal Shelter (our favorite animal shelter in San Diego), and we never planned on having a purebred dog – I must admit it is kinda fun to have a fancy pants doggy. We have researched a bit and found that there are actually three different sizes of Schnauzers!  Miniature Schnauzers are by far the most popular, there are also Standard Schnauzers (like our Mabel Dru), and Giant Schnauzers (which are SO COOL but I would probably lose my home trying to keep one fed!).  We refer to Mabel as ‘Grande’ sized ;-).

Schnauzers are awesome for several reasons

  • Awesome temperament – great for families!
  • Smart!  Easy to train!
  • Not known for many health issues – many purebred dogs are riddled with health problems (one of the reasons we were more than OK with a Mutt), not exactly the case with Standard Schnauzers.
  • Hypoallergenic and they don’t shed!


Please welcome our newest furry family member in the comment section! Also, if you have any amazing tips (or even the most basic of tips!) to share, we are all ears – we want to be the best pet parents we can be!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
Comments: 7 Responses
  1. Courtney says:

    I love the name! She’s definitely a keeper 🙂

  2. C L says:

    Congrats! We just adopted our puppy, Penny, from Helen Woodward last week! So exciting! Looking forward to your doggy posts!

  3. Sarah Sobocinski says:

    Dogs are so awesome. I have always had a dog and plan on adopting one.

  4. Tessa kintop says:

    So cute!!! We have been looking to adopt a standard schnauzer for a long time now. Please let me know if you know of anyone that need a forever home. We are here!

    • kate says:

      Tessa – they really are an amazing breed – we were SO lucky to get her! If I ever hear of a rescue group I will be sure to share here or on our facebook page – they are not a very common breed in America so not sure if there are many rescue options – but I hope you find your perfect match =)

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