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Thanksgiving Bluey Coloring Page

Printable Thanksgiving Bluey Coloring Page is available for purchase. Our Bluey Fan Art has been very popular! Bluey and Bingo giving thanks with a pie and turkey leg make a very cute coloring page! This printable Bluey coloring page is fun for teachers and kids!

While we have listed some printables for purchase on Etsy and TPT, we are starting to share our printables to purchase directly at a lower price to those who want them. Most coloring pages, like this Bluey Thanksgiving Coloring Page are $1.99. This is a lower price than on both Etsy and TPT. While we will keep our items on those sites, we want to thank our readers for coming to our little page for their printable coloring pages needs!

This Bluey Thanksgiving Coloring Page can be used at School, home, daycare, or places of worship. It is not allowed to be used for any kind of commercial use. Please feel free to print out more than one and to use it year after year. I very much appreciate you sending friends and other teachers to our site to purchase for their classroom. We attach a very small price to only our most popular printables to offset the cost of running this free site.  Thank you so much for your purchases and your support!

Bluey Thanksgiving Coloring Page instant download printable

Simply download and print. Grab your crayons and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE – downloading this from a computer is most successful. While some people can successfully download on their phone and print from their computer, we have had many folks try to download items from their phone and not be able to get it.  PLEASE avoid this issue by purchasing from your computer as we never have an issue this way.  We are unable to send out the file individually as it is so inexpensive and we cannot manage every person who contacts us.  Please use a computer for your download. Yes, I have said this many times; but if experience is any indicator, I did not say it enough times.

We are unable to refund any purchases that have already received a download. Downloads are available in your download folder – top left of your computer should have a little arrow pointing down, this is where downloads live!

I guess I need to add that if you are interested in purchasing this cute instant download Bluey Thanksgiving coloring page, you need to know how instant download works on your computer.  I cannot answer emails about this, please know how to download if you are going to purchase. It is very clearly stated that this is an instant download file. If you purchase an instant download file it is in your best interest to know how that works.  We will not email the file, that is not the terms laid out here. When folks realize that we will not email it they want someone on our team (it is literally just me) to walk them through how to find their download.  It is in your download files in your computer.  If you do not know how to find this I am asking you to please Google it. Maybe you have never done this before; but I promise you are capable…. please don’t email me questions that are answered here already or that you can Google. K, thanks for understanding!

Until Next Time ~ Kate

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