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Easter Bunny Charcuterie Board

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A Charcuterie board is a perfect treat for your Easter gathering. I suggest taking it one step further and having an Easter Bunny Charcuterie board. It is very easy to make a bunny themed charcuterie board and your guests will love it! Check out the fun ways we incorporated bunny themed elements into our delicious charcuterie!

A charcuterie board with lots of veggie treats is truly perfect. Bunnies love vegetables, especially carrots, so make sure to have plenty of colorful veggies and fruits. We also made a very cute bunny using two delicious cheese. I use a very large board when making charcuterie so we can add lots of our favorite snacks to enjoy at the beginning of the party. A cute little bunny really helped little ones get into the Easter spirit! Before you start making your Charcuterie board, make sure to print out our free Easter Coloring Pages for your littlest bunnies!

easter bunny charcuterie board very easy to make

How to make an Easter Bunny Charcuterie Board

Start with a large, flat serving platter. While you may want to pick out a serving platter at a fancy store, I got mine at a local thrift store that helps our local Children’s Hospital. If you enjoy thrifting, I highly suggest finding the perfect board there. There is always tons of serving ware at thrift shops. You might be lucky enough to find a bunny shaped charcuterie board. I have not been lucky enough to find one just yet, but I hope I may someday!

Before adding any of your treats, I suggest a layer of greens. I personally used beautiful dark green broccoli leaves from our home garden. If you do not have broccoli leaves, you can use butter lettuce or kale for your bunny themed appetizer tray.

Start with an iconic Bunny head for the center of your board. To make the bunny head we used a circle of Brie cheese. For the bunny ears we used cubes of white cheddar cheese.  On the Brie we added two blueberries for eyes, a cute cherry tomato nose, and broke small pretzels for whiskers. One you have your bunny, you fill in with all your favorites!

Add in some ‘carrots’. While you can add in actual carrots, you can also make carrots with a twist! We added small orange peppers filled with cream cheese and ‘everything bagel’ sprinkles, and a little sprig of rosemary to our charcuterie board. Guests loved this twist!

Once we had our essential bunny and carrots, we filled in with other veggies, fruits, a little salami, pepperoni, crackers, and pretzels. Just make sure your board doesn’t have any empty spaces. A great addition to any charcuterie board is homemade hummus! We have an excellent homemade hummus without tahini recipe that is perfect for parties!

Remember that nearly every bunny loves a charcuterie board and there are no rules! Have fun and be creative with your Easter bunny charcuterie board. You can adjust the components to best fit your Easter celebration.

Before you leave, make sure to check out our Grinch Charcuterie Board! This one is a hit during Christmas events!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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