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Easy Disney Frozen Inspired Cupcakes

Posted on: by Kate

When Frozen first hit theaters, our daughter was hooked from the start.  Frozen remains one of the most popular Disney animated films of all time!  Many children are still dressing up as Anna and Elsa at Halloween, and Frozen themed birthday parties are still all the rage.  We made these simple Frozen inspired cupcake at our house.  I am not a very creative baker, but our guests loved them! We used wintery blue icing and simple Elsa themed finishing touches. you can make these sweet and easy Frozen cupcakes at home!

frozen cupcakes

My daughter LOVES Frozen (I mean, who doesn’t?!)  and she really wanted some Frozen inspired goodies at her #DisneySide birthday party.  I was sad to see our Party City was all out of Frozen supplies – but that wasn’t going to stop me!  If you are trying to find some Easy Disney Frozen Inspired Cupcakes – this is your place!

We almost always make our cupcakes.  They are never fancy.  They tend to have a little toothpick with a sticker or printable of the kid’s party theme.  Occasionally I take the extra step to throw some food coloring into the mix, maybe some sprinkles, but that is about it.  Our Frozen Inspired cupcakes were really no different, but they were WAY cuter, so I kinda had to share.


We used the following printables to grab a picture of the beautiful Snow Queen Elsa for our little printable cupcake toppers.  Very cute, super easy.  We printed double sided on printable sticker paper and simply wrapped around the toothpick.

I used store bought boxed cupcake  mix – #EasyButton

I also used store bought frosting.  I think it is important to point out – you gotta get a pure white frosting.  If I had purchased buttercream frosting it would have mixed with the blue to create a green blue color – pure white frosting mixed with blue made a perfect “Frozeny” blue!

I wowed my daughter with a little trick that most of you reading probably already know, but in case you don’t – you don’t really need fancy schmancy tools to make cute cupcakes.  Scoop frosting into a ziploc bag (I use a quart size) and snip one corner off.  Squeeze the frosting out that little hole and it looks so much fancier than the butter knife spread method we usually go with.  I think it made all the difference.

I found pretty edible pearls and silver sprinkles – a dash of each were the perfect touch.  You can find these at any party supply store – I found them at the 99 cent store – nice!


So, a quick hop over to Pinterest will show you hundreds of Disney Frozen Inspired Cupcakes – the vast majority are much fancier than this one.  I’m not trying to compete  – but these cupcakes were super easy and got lots of compliments.  If you are intimidated by really intricate cupcakes but still want to do something pretty,  I can assure you – this one is pretty easy peasy!  And as you can see, it was birthday girl approved!


Have you made some really cute Disney Frozen Cupcakes?  I would love for you to leave them in the comment section – I will pin them to our Disney Frozen board!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
Comments: 9 Responses
  1. laura says:

    OOH! These look good, and I love easy 😉

    • Kate says:

      Usually ‘easy’ stuff doesn’t come out very cute – but someone literally asked me ‘where did you get your cupcakes? they are so cute!” they thought they were professionally made – LOL! It is so easy I can hardly stand it!

  2. Carole says:

    So adorable! And, easy…love the easy part! We are so busy in our “toot sweet” lives that making parties special for our little ones is always a struggle. Thanks for the awesome idea! Following you for SD Mom Bloggers and pinned to Pinterest.

  3. Kerri K says:

    Those cupcakes are really cute. We preordered the DVD so I think maybe when we sit down to watch it I will make some Frozen inspired snacks to have with it. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Dinah G says:

    Very cute!

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