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Easy Lower Fat Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

Posted on: by Kate

Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

So our family is always trying out new recipes that are healthier, but really easy.  I found a very simple recipe in Rich Food Poor Food for Blue Cheese Dressing and I could not believe how easy it sounded!  Rich Food Poor Food is an awesome book for those who are trying to understand organics.  I had been told that organics were better, but I didn’t really know why, it really spelled out a lot of info about everything from organics to GMOs to pasteurization and much more.  I cant wait to share with you Easy Lower Fat Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe.

Full Disclosure – reading this book will make you want to get a goat.  Seriously…. our neighborhood is not zoned for goats or chickens, but I have been trying to convince my husband we need to move somewhere that allows for this.  So far I haven’t gotten him to budge….. but seriously, I want a goat.

Where was I?  Right – awesome recipe…….

OK – so I love Blue Cheese dressing so much, but it is pretty high in fat – even the recipe that is in Rich Food Poor Food is still pretty high in fat – that might be OK for some, but my skinny jeans are barely putting up with me as it is – so I tweaked it a bit.

My recipe has FOUR – yes – four ingredients.  All ingredients were provided by Whole Foods Market Del Mar

  •  1/3 cup – Grass Fed Blue Cheese (I suppose this does not need to be grass fed, or even organic – but I will tell you – this Blue Cheese that I bought at Whole Foods Market is the best blue cheese dressing I have ever tasted…. and I know my Blue Cheese – so take that as you will….)
  • 1 cup –  Plain Greek Yogurt – I used 0% from the Whole Foods Market 365 brand
  • 3 oz – Neufchatel Cheese – this tastes VERY similar to cream cheese but it has 1/3 of the fat (naturally) – 365 Brand
  • splash – Nonfat Milk – again I used the 365 Whole Foods brand

You will learn that I don’t really measure much, so this is just a guideline.  I was eager to share the recipe, but when I make it again I will probably put a bit more milk because it was a little thicker than dressing should be – it was more like a dip.

Put it all in the blender of your choice – I used a Magic Bullet.

Blue Cheese Organic Dressing

….. and stir it up until it is blended – viola! Deliciousness!

homemade blue cheese dressing

Seriously…. so good.  I just tossed spinach, shredded carrots, red onion, strawberries, and apples and poured this freshly homemade Blue Cheese Dressing on top and it was yummy noises all around!

Easy Blue Cheese dressing recipe

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Karina L. says:

    Awesome! How long will it last before going bad? We like blue cheese dressing, but we dont eat it everyday, so if I make a batch will it go bad after a week?

    • Kate says:

      Hi Karina ~ Ours looked suspect after about 4 days so I tossed it (although my Greek yogurt was close to expiration so it may have been that) – It is SO easy to make it is honestly worth just making the amount you will use that night & mix more the next time. I will probably half the recipe next time simply to not waste =)

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