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Easy Inside-Out Cupcakes

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Inside-Out is one of the most popular Pixar films of all time and we are so excited for Inside-Out 2! To celebrate we have made this super easy Inside Out cupcakes featuring the new emotions and our favorites from the original film. These easy Inside-Out cupcakes are perfect to make for any family birthday party and look adorable for pictures. Don’t forget to download our printable Inside Out Cupcake Toppers for your party!

Everyone knows that the characters from Inside Out are very colorful! Make sure to create these cupcakes using vivid colors of cake and frosting. These easy Inside-Out cupcakes have all you favorite colors and characters from the movies. You can use Indigo for Ennui, Teal for Envy, Pink for Embarrassment, Orange for Anxiety, Yellow for Joy, Blue for Sadness, Green for Disgust, Purple for Fear, and Red for Anger!

Inside Out frosted cupcakes toppers

Easy Inside-Out Cupcakes

The easiest way to make themed cupcakes is with cupcake toppers! They are super easy to use. All you need to do is print your desired amount, cut out the circle, and tape it to toothpicks. Once they are prepped, you can insert them into the cupcakes. These cupcake toppers are Pinterest worthy and both moms and kids love them.

You can use our design below. We’ve included some more detailed instructions just in case. These cupcake toppers are pretty customizable as well. You can make some simple chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and add them at the end. Or if you happen to be really short on time you can just add them to a pack of store-bought cupcakes!

But the best way to use them is to make themed cupcakes in the colors of the emotions from Inside-Out and Inside-Out 2. The colors are Yellow for Joy, Green for Disgust, Blue for Sadness, Purple for Fear, Red for Anger, Indigo for Ennui, Teal for Envy, Pink for Embarrassment, and Orange for Anxiety. For more details, check out our full recipe below!

inside out embarrasment

Printable Inside-Out Cupcake Toppers

What you need:
-our cupcake toppers
-scotch tape

  1. Download and print. There are nine cupcake toppers per page, print as many pages as needed for your birthday party guests.
  2. Carefully cut each circle out
  3. Tape toothpicks to the back of the paper.
  4. Insert them into the center of the cupcakes after you have finished decorating.

Easy Inside-Out Cupcake Recipe

(Easy Inside-Out 2 Cupcake Recipe)

-Store-bought cake mix of your choice
-White store-bought frosting of your choice
-Food dye these colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink
-Optional: Sprinkles in each of the emotions colors!

1. Make cupcakes following the cake mix instructions. We also have some tips and tricks below the recipe for how you can make your store-bought cake mix taste even better!

– Add food coloring to cupcakes once they are in the tin to show the emotions colors!
– Use cupcake liners that match the emotions colors!

Inside out Cupcakes

2. Bake as instructed on cake-mix box.

3. Prep frosting! Separate frosting into 9 small bowls or mugs. Use food dye to color as follows:
– Red (Red for Anger)
– Red and Yellow (Orange for Anxiety)
– Yellow (Yellow for Joy)
– Green (Green for Disgust)
– Green and Blue (Teal for Envy)
– Blue (Blue for Sadness)
– Blue and Purple (Indigo for Ennui)
– Purple (Purple for Fear)
– Pink (Pink for Embarrassment)

Check out our tips for making the most of store-bought frosting! We have tips for how to stretch it, make it taste better, and save time! Information below!

4. Frost cupcakes with corresponding colors. Make sure you make enough of each color for the amount of cupcakes and cupcake toppers you have.

5. Add cupcake toppers and enjoy!

Best Sprinkles for Easy Inside-Out Cupcakes

These are some of my favorite sprinkles to use in recipes like this! This multi-pack Sprinkles all-in-one has six different colors included and between them you can use combinations to make all of the colors you need for the nine emotions in Inside-Out and Inside-Out 2. 

sprinkles for inside out cupcakes

How to Make Store-Bought Cake Mix Taste Like From-Scratch

Store-bought cake mix is inherently convenient, but a few adjustments can elevate it to a point where your guests will be eager to know your secret. 

Typically, store-bought cake mix calls for just three additional components: water, oil, and eggs. However, by making a couple of substitutions, you can transform the “store-bought” taste into something “homemade.” Swap out the oil for melted butter and replace the water with milk. This simple change results in a significantly richer cake.

Once you’ve incorporated these ingredients, make sure you allot time for your cake mix to beat on high for at least 1-2 minutes in an electric mixer before baking. This step is usually mentioned on the box, but sometimes people overlook it. This step helps integrate air bubbles into the batter, which makes the cupcakes lighter and fluffier! 

Additionally, resist the urge to open the oven while your cupcakes are baking, especially during the first half of the baking time. Instead, wait until you’re ready to check for doneness. Prematurely opening the oven can cause a rapid drop in temperature, potentially deflating the air bubbles inside the cake and compromising its fluffiness.

Tips for Improving Store-Bought Frosting for easy cupcakes

Generally, American buttercream or store-bought frosting can be a little too sweet. Kids love it, but if you want to upgrade the quality of the cupcakes without having to make something from scratch, here are a few suggestions on how to do that!

1. Whip you’re frosting: While being shipped, the frosting gets condensed. Not only does this make frosting not look as good on cupcakes, but it makes it taste worse. You can fix this by whipping the frosting on med-high mode in an electric mixer for 2- 3 minutes.

2. Add whipping cream: You can balance out the sweetness by adding a little heavy whipping cream. Because whipping cream turns into whipped cream when you whip it, it will also make your frosting fluffier.

3.Save time by dying the frosting the same time you whip it: Add the food dye at the beginning of this process so that it’s fully combined by the time you finish.

Inside Out Anxiety cupcake toppers

Read More About Riley’s New Emotions!

Riley’s New Emotions that come with her teenage years show how thinking and feeling gets more complex over time. You can read our exclusive article about each of the new emotions in Inside-Out 2 and more about the story!

Anxiety and Others! Inside Out 2 Characters

Watch the Inside-Out Trailer Here


Free Printable Coloring Sheets 

If you are planning an Inside-Out birthday party, make sure to check out our free printable Inside-Out coloring sheets! They feature the classic five emotions from the original film (Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust) as well as the four new emotions we meet in the sequel: Ennui, Embarrassment, Envy, and Anxiety.

Disney Pixar Inside Out Free Coloring Sheets

Disney Pixar Inside Out Printables

We hope you enjoyed our Easy Inside-Out cupcakes! If you liked this recipe, make sure to check our other cupcake recipes and birthday party roundups! We are so excited for Inside-Out 2 and we can’t wait to see it in theaters! Please leave a comment if you would be interested in a Inside-Out 2 birthday party post or more Inside-Out themed recipes!





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