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When your 6 year old wants a Hamilton themed birthday party….

Hamilton the Musical has taken Broadway theatre lovers by storm.  Even people who do not typically love to see musicals are singing the songs and crossing their fingers for tickets….

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Ralph Breaks the Internet BluRay bonus features!

Animation lovers, rejoice!  Ralph Breaks the Internet is now available to enjoy at home! On February 12, 2019 the follow up to Wreck it Ralph became available on Digital and…

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Books for Black History Month and a giveaway!

Each year we try to be more intentional about learning new things about black history during February.  February is Black History month, but we have noticed that many of our…

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Schitt’s Creek viewing party costume ideas

schitts creek viewing party

Schitt’s Creek season 5 is here and fans are thrilled!  We discovered this show during its first season when nobody we knew had ever even heard of it.  Now that…

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FREE The LEGO Movie Printables


Highlights Along the Way is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by…

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5 cool things I saw on the Pixar Campus

Pixar Campus

Pixar Animation Studios is the goal for so many creative people all over the world.  Pixar, like Disney has a name that is synonymous with excellence in storytelling and movies. …

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Books I “read” this past month

book recommendations

I’m kind of going through a ‘accepting the things I cannot change’ stage of my life.  I’ve also been consuming books faster than ever before. I thought it might be…

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How To Train Your Dragon FREE Printables


How to Train Your Dragon 3 The Hidden World is set to hit theaters in February 2019.  The How to Train Your Dragon series of animated films from Dreamworks Animation…

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Jane & Michael Banks are all grown up in Mary Poppins Returns!

Mary Poppins Returns opens in just a few days and our family can hardly wait!  In this much anticipated sequel, the adorable Banks children are grown up and trying their…

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“Coop & Cami” Holiday Special on 25 Days of Christmas!

coop and cami christmas special

Disney Channel is a staple in our house.  Our kids love the story lines and crazy antics, I like that it is family friendly.  When I was in Los Angeles…

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ABC’s 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – Two great Family-Friendly shows to watch!

We have said it before, “25 Days of Christmas” is something our family looks forward to every year.  Our family looks forward to this magical line up every year.  The…

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25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS featuring tWitch and Allison!

twitch and allison from so you think you can dance in love

One of the sweetest TV traditions this time of year is “25 Days of Christmas”.  Our family looks forward to this magical line up every year.  The full 25 Days…

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On the Set of Single Parents

behind the scenes at Single Parents

While in Los Angeles, I was able to visit the lot where the ABC show Single Parents is filmed.  We were able to tour the set of this hysterical show,…

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The Peanuts Movie printable activity sheets

Free printables from the Peanuts movie by Blue Sky.  Printable activity sheets and coloring pages to celebrate your favorite Snoopy characters.  You can print these adorable activity sheets out from…

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On the set of The Rookie

the rookie set nathan fillion

Visiting the set on a new TV show is an amazing opportunity!  When I heard we would be visiting the set of ABC’s brand new show “The Rookie”, I did…

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Disney Virtual Reality – Ralph Breaks VR!

Disney Virtual Reality

While in Los Angeles for the Ralph Breaks the Internet Event, our group visited Void VR.  While there we experienced the brand new Ralph Breaks the Internet VR experience before…

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The Red Carpet Premiere of Ralph Breaks the Internet

who broke the internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet is almost in theaters and the Red Carpet World Premiere was so much fun! Attending a red carpet premiere is just as magical as one might…

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Behind the scenes at Disney and ABC! #RalphBreakstheInternetEvent

Ralph Breaks the Internet event

I am packing my bags again in anticipation of a behind the scenes look at Disney Animation and ABC Television!  I will be in Los Angeles starting this weekend to…

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Toy Story Dad – the Instagram account every Disney fan needs to follow!

toy story dad baby andy

By now, everyone has seen that adorable viral video of the two babies dressed as Toy Story’s “Slinky Dog” at Mickey’s Halloween Party.  I met baby Hamm and his mom…

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My Wish For You

book my wish for you

My Wish For You is a beautifully written and illustrated new book that is just the message young girls (and boys!) need right now.  Written by actress Kathryn Hahn and…

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