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Family of Five Costume Idea : Mary Poppins Cast!

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Mary Poppins is a classic costume inspiration. Families of five will be practically perfect in every way with a Mary Poppins inspired group costume. Mary, Bert, Jane, Michael, and a little Penguin make the cutest little group. Whether you are going to Oogie Boogie Bash, or trick or treating in your neighborhood, this sweet costume will be sure to make you smile. These costumes are easy to pull together for a magical Halloween season.

Mary Poppins cast costumes

As anyone who follows this blog knows, this post is about a decade old. So much has changed since we dressed up as Mary Poppins for Mickey’s Halloween Party. If you are planning on attending Oogie Boogie Bash or Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party, our cute Mary Poppins Costumes might be a nice start to inspire your Disney family costume. Don’t forget to check out the Discounted Disneyland Tickets from Get Away Today. They also have Disney destination discounts with hotels that are really hard to beat. Combine their advertised deals with our unique discount code HIGHLIGHTS for a bonus $10 off your booking! You can use this discount during the Halloween season and even on their lightning deals, double dip!

One great thing is that costumes are so much more plentiful and inexpensive on Amazon! We have kept our process below but also shared what costumes we would purchase. With Amazon affiliate program we do receive a small commission on purchases for our curation. We hope you love the costumes we have chosen. The costumes we have chosen we believe are similar or better to what we created. We’ve taken price and star ratings into consideration as well. We hope you find the perfect costume below!

We are slowly beginning to understand the world was really made for the family of four and this is very true when it comes to family themed costume ideas.  This is the first time we have ever dressed up for Halloween as a family and we thought about several different ideas and there was usually an odd man out *sigh* – until we thought about Mary Poppins!  Mary Poppins is a great costume choice for a large family – there are so many great costumes!  Mary Poppins, Bert, Jane Banks, Michael Banks, and on and on – we chose a Jolly Holiday penguin for our littlest! We were able to find some of our Mary Poppins costume pieces at thrift stores and many items (like our Jane Banks Costume) were hand made and one of a kind.  While we do not share tutorials in this post, we do hope this gives you the inspiration to make your own Mary Poppins Costumes!

Before you check out our costumes inspired by the Banks family, Mary, and Bert, you have to see the other fun costumes we have created over the years! Popular Disney Costumes right now are our Elemental Costumes, Maid Marian and Robin Hood CostumesBob’s Burgers Costumes, and so many more!

Group Costume for Five

Jane Banks and Mary Poppins Cast Disneyland

Mary Poppins is Practically Perfect in Every Way for our little family of five for so many reasons

  • I mean, when you look at me – your first thought is “Mary Poppins” is it not?
  • Harry gets to be Bert – who is a goofy artist…. I mean – right?
  • Two kids close in age – boy and girl – check & check
  • and the the little one who waddles when she walks – it’s like she was born to be a jolly holiday penguin!

Our costumes were for Mickey’s Halloween Party so a family theme was great!  With Saving Mr. Banks coming to theaters for the holiday season all of a sudden it was pretty much the best idea ever!

Mary Poppins Group Costume

Catching Up With Kate

Mary Poppins Nanny Costume

A quick trip over to Etsy confirmed my suspicions that Mary Poppins costumes are pretty pricey. My mom decided many decades ago it would be a fun idea to learn how to sew.  It has crossed my mind that if she knew how often I would exploit this talent she may have picked up a different hobby… but I digress.While my mom helped me make this costume, we’ve found in updates that Amazon now has the pieces you will need.

My Mary Poppins costume was created by using pieces we had or pieces we made, which may be fun for you. We’ve included our pick for premade based on reviewer stars below.

  • I had a couple white button down shirts – but all were short sleeved – doh!  I found a nice fitted shirt at Burlington Coat Factory for $26, much more than I would like to spend on a costume, but it is a nice blouse that I will likely wear again.
  • Navy blue fabric plus my awesome mom and a pattern she already had magically made me a skirt – $11
  • My mom also had an apron pattern!  Nice!  About $8 in fabric!
  • My dad took my daughter to see Mary Poppins the Musical a couple years ago and when he takes a grandkid out by himself he tends to spoil them – she came home with a boat load of Mary Poppins Paraphernalia – including an authentic Mary Poppins Umbrella! $0 – *updated* I cannot tell you how many people have asked us about our Mary Poppins Umbrella – many want me to share a tutorial on how we made it – unfortunately we did not make it – the good news is – you can purchase one and the good folks at the Disney Store will ship you this lovely Mary Poppins Parrot Umbrella right to your home!
  • A bit of red ribbon for a bow – all done!
  • Practically perfect in every way!
  • Or get this Mary Poppins custom…

Mary Poppins Umbrella


While Mary Poppins is the main character, the other costumes are just so much fun! Below we share our favorite Bert costume, Jane and Michael Banks costumes, and of course our favorite dancing penguin costume!

mary poppins bert costumes

Bert Costume

My husband’s first Halloween costume ever was Mary’s friend Bert. While we curated his costume from a thrift store, you can always streamline your search with an online costume purchase.

  • We found an old pair of black work pants that were literally older than our relationship in his closet – free!
  • A quick trip to the local thrift shop got us a grey striped collared shirt for $4 – not bad!
  • Target was kind enough to put men’s drivers caps on clearance – this was the priciest piece of his costume at $11
  • Burgundy handkerchief that was left over from the kid’s summer camp – FREE!
  • My husband’s first Halloween costume ever at 39  = Priceless!

For a more elevated Bert costume, this is our choice!


mary poppins umbrella

Next up our Jane Banks Costume, Michael Banks Costume, and a little Penguin Costume….


jane and michael banks costume

Jane Banks Costume

Jane Banks was the hardest one of the bunch –

  • Grandma did the whole thing – she found two patterns that somewhat resembled Jane’s peach dress and Frankensteined them together, about $20 worth of fabric, lace, and ribbon made a very recognizable Jane Banks Costume! (Although she was commonly mistaken for Madeline)
  • Wide Brim Hat – I found this at a garage sale and attached some matching ribbon – 50 cents
  • knee high socks she already had and Mary Jane shoes she already had completed the look.

I know many people are not interested in making dress from scratch, I would personally look for a frilly 1980’s dress with similar structure to her peach dress or her pale blue dress at the end of the movie.  Sometimes simply adding a quick alteration (adding ribbon, lace, cutting off or adding a bow, etc) can make a dress really look the part!

Jane Banks Costume Dress Online


While this dress above is clearly not made for Jane Banks, I believe it is a practically perfect base. With a little modification with some crimson red ribbon and a perfect hat, this will work. Knee high socks and Mary Jane shoes will tie it all together.

Michael Banks Costume

This was the easiest costume of the bunch to create.

  • Button down white shirt – unfortunately he outgrew the one that came in his little holiday set from the year before – luckily I found one at a children’s resale shop for a mere $5 (and he can wear it again!)
  • I also found a pair of grey dress slacks for $6 at the same resale shop – they were beautiful slacks in perfect condition, but for the role, grandma sliced them at the knee and hemmed them into proper Michael shorts.
  • A yellow tie from Amazon – with shipping was $11 (he will likely wear this tie again too!)
  • Knee high socks from his sister’s drawer – a quick search on the internet did not find me any yellow knee high socks, I thought for a hot second that I could dye them but I don’t have time for that silliness.
  • Dress shoes already in his closet – $0

*Update!* Pieces of our Michael Banks Costume are currently in our Etsy shop!  Should you want a head start and your kiddo is in size 6 you should buy our Michael Banks Costume pieces! Unfortunately, these pieces did sell already, but we found great pieces on Amazon!

Perfect Gray Suit Jacket with Matching Shorts



Jolly Holiday Penguin Costume
(side note…. this was easy to buy, it was not easy to convince her to wear it…..but eventually she was coaxed into it)

Penguin Costume

Easiest of them all –

  • I googled ‘how to make a penguin’ costume, about an hour in I started googling ‘where to buy a penguin costume’ – I was able to send Party City $26 and they sent me a really cute one. #EasyButton
  • A pair of black leggings already in her closet will make nice little baby penguin legs and the look is complete!

If you have a family of five – Mary Poppins is a really good option – even if you have a bigger family you can easily add a chimney sweep, Mr. Banks, Mrs. Banks, a maid, another penguin – there are lots of options!  I always suggest looking in your closets and borrow pieces first and then buy/make what is necessary for fill ins.  We got a lot of compliments on our Mary Poppins Cast costumes – several pieces were A LOT of work (thanks mom!!) but they made for some fun memories!

You can check out our Mouseketeer Costumes from last year too!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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