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DIY Fear Costume

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Disclosure: My son is adorable but apparently does not know how to communicate 'fear' on his face. I found it so endearing I almost fainted, you may as well. You have been warned.


As part of our family of five Inside Out Halloween costumes my son was excited to play FEAR.  Just like the other costumes this was a DIY Fear costume made almost completely with thrifted items and very little modification.

An Inside Out Fear costume consists of the following items – purple pants, a light blue dress shirt, a houndstooth sweater, and a red bowtie – easy enough!

disney pixar inside out printable

We found purple pants in the girl’s section (sorry dude, but purple pants in the boy section would have been a harder thing to find!) for $2 – Grandma was kind enough to hem them up and ‘Voila!’ we have Fear pants!


We found a light blue dress shirt that needed no alteration at a kid’s consignment store that was going out of business for only $3.  He might be able to wear this ‘handsome shirt’ for a special occasion and if not it can easily be passed down.


The houndstooth sweater was going to be the hardest part. I knew it would be nearly impossible to find this in a children’s size but that didn’t stop me from looking.  I couldn’t even find one new online!  And then I found it!  In the women’s section of my favorite thrift store!  Sort of…. I found a long sleeved women’s button down sweater that was a houndstooth pattern.  Once again, grandma to the rescue!  Just a couple modifications and it was perfect for a costume! I always suggest looking in thrift stores for costumes!  Thrift stores have tons of costumes left over from last year, but they also have pieces that can be modified into brand new costumes too! This long sleeved houndstooth sweater was about $5 – Grandma chopped off the sleeves and sewed down the middle and we’ve got a pretty decent ‘fear’ vest!

If you don’t have time to go shopping at a thrift store – I did find this for about $35 on Amazon (there are other options too if you search) – I suggest ‘old lady’ section at the thrift store but this is an awesome ‘easy button’ (affiliate)

red-bowtie-for-fearA red bowtie we had in our dress up basket plus a pair of dark shoes and there we have it! For about $10 we have a perfectly adorable FEAR costume!  As a bonus we have a dress up shirt for him and purple pants for his sister to use long after the Halloween holiday is gone!  I love being able to trick or treat in a fun costume but then be able to get more use out of the costume pieces later.

Here is a red bowtie on Amazon  – Prime Eligible!



Earlier this week we shared our DIY Sadness Costume – and I am sure you know that the rest of the Inside Out Cast is on their way – look for Anger, Joy, and Disgust DIY costumes coming soon!


Ready for Mickey’s Halloween Party!  It’s FEAR!  What are you going to be for Trick or Treat?  Share it in the comment section!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Tara says:

    Best Fear costume! Love it!!!

  2. This is so great – the sweater is absolutely perfect! I love it 🙂

  3. Sondra says:

    So cute. I can’t wait to see all of you together in these costumes. Fun!

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