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FEAST – see it in theaters before Big Hero 6!

Disclosure: I first saw Feast at the red carpet premiere of Big Hero 6. The FTC requires I tell you my trip was all expenses paid by Disney. Opinions are 100% my own.


One of the things I have loved about Disney movies in recent years is that in theaters we are treated to a short film before the movie.  Before Big Hero 6 movie goers can enjoy Feast before the feature film begins.  If you are planning on seeing Big Hero 6 this weekend make sure to get there early enough to see Feast!  It is really cute!  Before you feature film you are treated to joining sweet puppy Winston for dinner each night over the course of a year.


The directors shared with us that you can really learn a lot from someone just by seeing their dinner each night.  You really do.  It is sweet…. and bittersweet sometimes to see Winston and his owner’s dinner each night.

Director Patrick Osborne said the following ” I’m the kind of person that when an opportunity to pitch a short comes along, I just want to try it out, I was loving what I was doing at the time, and like Kristina said, I started out with video of, uh, one second with my meals every day, uh.  And there’s something really cool about the context you get in your life of seeing these kind of, these meals kind of pass and the, the hearing those moments, the sound design in those moments. ”

Feast is a short film so a full trailer would really give the whole thing away – but below is a special look from Walt Disney Animation’s You Tube Channel…..

Learning about the process of working on these short films made me appreciate them even more.  Many are pitched but only a few make it to production.  Animators that have down time in full feature productions will jump in and out and work on the short films together.

“Feast,” a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne (head of animation, “Paperman”) and Walt Disney and can be seen only in theaters at the beginning of Big Hero 6!  I have no doubt people are going to be talking about the puppy short before Big Hero 6 in no time! If you haven’t seen it yet – treat your family to a matinee this weekend!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
  1. Dinah G says:

    This is such a cute short! Very well done.

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