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Posted on: by Kate

Crafty people are my favorite kind of people.  I have always been artistic and crafty, it is in my blood.  While I consider myself very creative and talented, I have never really made a business out of my creative projects. I am so impressed by artists who turn what they love into a way to contribute and provide for their families. Moms who juggle all the mom things and are also able to be their own boss of their own creative business seriously make me bow down.

Today I am starting something new, let me know what you think and maybe it will become a regular thing. Today I am introducing you to my friend Aryn Beeson who is a macramé artist in Southern California.  Her creations are whimsical, beautiful, and so on trend right now. My hope is to introduce a few of our readers to her shop, but also to maybe inspire some creatives here to start their own business too! I have asked Aryn a few questions below and have shared some of her work. Be ready to be wowed.

aryn beeson macrame

1)            Why do you macramé? How did you learn?

I have always loved artsy things. In high school, you’d be sure to find me on my back deck, in the sun – before sunscreen was cool,  with some kind of craft in hand. Creating has always been my outlet when I need a brain break from life. That’s exactly what was needed last year when I picked up macrame – a creative outlet. I started out making modern dream catchers with floral accents. I loved the look of them, but wanted to challenge myself a little more. Once I discovered knotting, I was hooked. Macrame is something I can create while my kiddos work independently on homeschool days and I can easily bring smaller projects with me to sports practices. My absolute favorite element of this craft is its forgiving nature. I’m totally guilty of being a perfectionist who gets easily frustrated when I “mess up,”  so macrame is perfect for me because it’s simply a process of knotting. Don’t like it? Not a problem, just unknot and redo it or change it up! When I was just beginning to learn, there were a couple go to Youtube tutorials I’d watch and rewatch – on repeat. Another excellent source is a book called Macrame: The Craft of Creative Knotting for Your Home. Since macrame is a vintage art form, thrifting can produce some gems in the way of instructional books, pure gold.

fiber and bloom logo


2)            What made you decide to start your own business?

I decided to start Fiber + Bloom when I had too many hangings for my own walls! Starting my own business had been a dream in my heart for a long long time, but I never really knew what to do with that desire. Once I started creating pieces that were so well received by my family and friends, I was encouraged to see where this vision might lead.

macrame and flowers ideas

3)            What are the craft room essentials that you can’t live without?

For me, I’d say there are two key essentials (aside from quality cotton string, of course!): a rack and a pair of sharp scissors. When I first started creating wall hangings, I’d work at a table and oh my goodness did that go nowhere fast. It wasn’t impossible, but there had to be a better way!  I quickly realized what a game changer a simple Ikea wardrobe rack would be. Hang a couple hooks from that bad boy and voila, perfect tension control for beautiful knotting. The second essential I couldn’t live without is my trusty Gingher scissors. For starters,  they’re gold and super cute, secondly,  do not – I repeat, do not, attempt to cut string with dull scissors. You might throw a teeny tiny tantrum!  Hypothetically.  I know I said I had two essentials, but here’s a bonus one for macrame – a strong comb. The secret to beautiful fringe.

creative work space

4)            What do you do to make your workspace an enriching and inspiring place to be?

I’m gonna sound like a total liar, cause my workspace is normally a hot mess, but a clean and tidy space is most inspiring to me! I kind of adore my space. Our house has a basement which we converted into a homeschool/F+B studio. The design has a relaxed, comfortable vibe,  which is always puts me in the creative mood. Turning on a great business babe type podcast is my go to workspace inspiration.

handmade macrame in etsy

5)            When do you feel the most creative?


I’m a morning person and I normally wake up with ideas whirling around, so I love grabbing a cup of coffee and getting those down on paper before they escape me. I feel most creative when I allow myself slow down enough to think. Mom and wife life are at the top of my daily priority list, so creating a time and space to pray and connect with those creative thoughts has become a goal of mine this year.

macrame necklace


6)            What is something you know now, but you wish you knew before you started your business?

The creative community is so wonderfully supportive. In the beginning, I had tons of questions, but didn’t really know who to reach out to, since I didn’t have many real life friends within the handmade industry. I remember mustering all the courage I had to send my first DM to a macrame artist whom I admired. It was just a question about rope, but her kind and open response was so encouraging. That was a turning point, I have since made so many wonderful connections and Insta-friends within the maker community. Each and every time I reach out to a fellow shop owner, I have been met with valuable guidance. I wish I would have stretched beyond my comfort zone earlier; there are so many beautiful friendships to be made. It really is all about community over competition.

macrame closeup

7)            How do you get past creative block?

Doodling and dancing. I always have a sketchbook of some sort (or an envelope or a napkin or a receipt) stashed around the house, car, and my purse. Getting the ideas floating around in my head onto paper really helps me push past the block and 90s pop can snap me out of just about any kind of funk.  Also, sometimes I just need to back away from the social media. It can be too easy to play the comparison game and that is not a state of mind where creativity can thrive.

aryn macrame artist in california

Discount time!  Aryn is extending a limited time discount if you mention this post!  When you order just make sure to message that you saw it here and you will get 10% off one of her items!

Thank you so much to Aryn from Fiber + Bloom for sharing with us today! I do hope you will check out Fiber + Bloom on Etsy. The coolest of my friends will also follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Remember when you buy something from a one woman show like this one, you are supporting a family. You are buying dance lessons and new cleats.  Aryn also gives back a portion of her proceeds to Compassion International that helps children just like ours have hope for the future through schooling, food, and support. Don’t by your macrame from Target you guys, buy it from Aryn.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  2. Rust says:

    I really enjoyed reading this entire post! How inspirational, and I love the hangings.

  3. ellen beck says:

    I am glad to see macrame come back! I am ld enough to remember when it was quite the ‘thing’ to do. I still have some macrame plant holders from way back! I used to know alot of the knots but over time, have forgotten so many. It is a fun craft and very useful!

  4. Terry says:

    I have seen a lot of macrame crafts recently. I remember doing them in the 1970’s. I love to craft and do many different ones with my grandkids.

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