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The Finest Hours Review!

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Chris PIne is Bernie Webber and Holliday Grainger is Miriam in Disney's THE FINEST HOURS, a heroic action-thriller based on the extraordinary true story of the most daring rescue in the history of the Coast Guard.My lovely friend Ashlie from was kind enough to fill in for me at the screening of The Finest Hours.I cannot wait to see this new based on a true story from Disney and I so bummed to miss it!  I am even more excited after reading Ashlie’s review!  You can read The Finest Hours review below – make sure to check out her story of her first movie screening experience…….

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The Finest Hours review

The Finest Hours is ready to set sails in theaters this week! I had the privilege of catching a pre-screening and was massively impressed by this film. The movie sets out to bring to life the story of the greatest rescue mission ever conducted by a small boat crew in the US Coast Guard. The rescue takes place during a blizzard off of the coast of Massachusetts and follows the tale of the heroes of both the Coast Guard and the broken tanker.

Visually, this movie is stunning. The effects are smooth and captivating, bringing to life both the soft, delicate snow flurries and the heart wrenching fury of a disaster at sea. Viewing the movie in 3-D gave an added level of realism that made me lean in my seat, anticipating the movements of the ocean.

In spite of being a cast of salty sailors, the movie is completely clean in language. The rescue is tense and had me on the edge of my seat. For that reason I don’t believe it is a great movie for young children but preteens would likely  be able to handle the dramatic elements.  There is a fair bit of loss but it is not graphic.

I thoroughly enjoyed how many roles there were to root for. The story was, of course, about the harrowing rescue, but also developed extremely likable characters. I found myself cheering for the Coast Guard crew, the crew on the broken ship, and the people in the town. The love story was simple and sweet. As a wife and a mom, I found Miriam, the girlfriend of Bernard Webber, endearing and tenacious. I would be thrilled for my daughter to see a movie with such a strong female character!

I am so glad to have seen The Finest Hours on the big screen. Disney was amazing at sharing the story of this rescue and making me feel like I was an active participant in the recovery of the tanker crew. I am excited for families to be able to enjoy this thrilling movie together, experiencing the courage of the US Coast Guard first hand!

Kyle Gallner is Andy Fitzgerald in Disney's THE FINEST HOURS, the heroic action-thriller based on the extraordinary true story of the most daring rescue in the history of the Coast Guard.

The Finest Hours opens in theaters everywhere on January 29, 2016!  Enjoy!!  Thank you for your Finest Hours Review Ashlie!!


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