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I’m going to Florida for the Zootopia Event!

Posted on: by Kate
Disclosure: I am the guest of Walt Disney Studios to share about Zootopia with our readers. All expenses are paid. Promotion and posts are expected, but opinions are always 100% my own.

zootopiaeventI’m packing my bags and headed for Florida friends!  In just a few days I am headed out to the Zootopia Event where I will learn so much to share about the new Walt Disney Animated Film Zootopia.  I cannot wait you guys!

I have mentioned it a few times before – but if you have not heard of Zootopia yet – here is a teaser……

We will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and I will be sure to share lots of pictures and a post once I am home.

My family and I went to Walt Disney World for the first time last year and I must say I am feeling a little bit guilty (but also a little bit excited) about spending some time there with grown ups.  While we were there for 6 days, I feel like I barely scratched the surface – I am sure I will be sharing more Walt Disney World info and tips when I get home too.

This will be a quick trip – our group flies into Orland on Saturday and I will be back home on Tuesday, but we have a ton of great activities and interviews scheduled between that time at the Zootopia event.

I am excited to take a Backstage Safari Tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  I love to learn about the conservation efforts of Disney Parks and I am always up for an opportunity to see animals up close and personal.  I will be sure to share a photos with all of our readers.

Disney's Zootopia Flash

Our group will also attend a private early screening of Zootopia!!!  I will be sharing my thoughts, without spoilers of course!  We will have the privilege of hearing from the directors, producers, and writers before the show begins.  Hearing from those who created the movie is always creates an even deeper appreciation for films for me.

We will have interview sessions with Jason Bateman (the voice of Nick Wilde), Ginnifer Goodwin (the voice of Judy Hopps), and well as directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore.  I will be sharing excerpts of those interviews here so I do hope that you will follow along.

And of course since we will be at Walt Disney World we are sure to be hopping all over Magic Kingdom Park, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and I am hoping that we will even pop into Epcot!

You can bet that after this trip I am going to be legitimately Disney Wasted.  I promise to share the highlights along the way (see what I did there?) while on our trip so make sure to follow me Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Anywhere (where my Classic Disney Animation geeks at?) and join everyone by searching the hashtag #ZootopiaEvent


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ZOOTOPIA opens in theaters everywhere on March 4th!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Sarah Sobocinski says:

    My kids will love this movie.

  2. Becky says:

    What a great experience for you! I’m sure you had a great time. Our whole family loved this movie, and hopefully will get to meet Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps when we go to Disneyland in September!

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