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Forkin Healthy shares 10 amazing facts about Chia Seeds

Posted on: by Kate


I am so excited to have a guest post from one of my favorite people today!  Chassie of Forkin Healthy is here to tell us all about Chia Seeds.  She’s kinda awesome, and with no further delay – here’s Chassie from Forkin Healthy ……

Chia Seeds are one of the most amazing foods on the planet.

No joke.

As a Holistic Health Coach and Healthy Foodie I’ve spent a lot of time getting curious about new ingredients and upgrading the food I eat so that I’m getting more bang for my buck in the kitchen and when it comes to Chia seeds you are definitely getting your money and your health’s worth from this powerhouse of a seed.

Here are some unique facts about chia seeds and some amazing reasons why you should be eating them right now.

1 . Chia seeds can absorb 10x their weight in water. What does that mean for you? Super hydration!  Just make sure you soak your seeds before you eat them or those little fellas will absorb the liquid in your body instead of hydrating you.

2. Chia seeds gently ease digestion and can help soothe an upset belly. Once a chia seed soaks up all that water they become very gelatinous which in turn can soothe your belly and help everything slip and slide their way out.

3. They can make you jump higher and run faster. Forget the Wheaties my friends; Chia seeds are your go to energy source. Add some to your coconut water before a work out and you’ll double your potassium intake and you’ll be drinking nature’s Gatorade!

4. Curb cravings and stay full longer. Isn’t this every person’s dream? Chia seeds are packed with fiber so they not only help keep you full longer but they also help slow the intake of sugar into your bloodstream.

5. Get super duper brainpower. Hello Omega 3’s! The standard American diet is seriously lacking some omega 3’s, which is what we need to help our brains function at optimal capacity.

6. Need an egg? Use soaked chia seeds instead! They make a great binder in recipes. You can use 1-tablespoon chia seeds soaked in 3 tablespoons water to replace one egg in a recipe.

7. You can be super sneaky with chia seeds too because they are tasteless! They are great mixed into brownies, guacamole, smoothies and so many other things.

8. They are a great vegetarian source of protein. 1 tablespoon of chia seeds has almost 5 grams of protein! YIPPEEE!

9. They have so much life in them that you can actually grow them on your sponge. Although that might happen accidentally after spilling said chia seeds on the counter and then wiping them up with a sponge. I only speak from experience…

10. The most important reason why you should give chia seeds a try is that is fun and empowering to get curious with a new ingredient and find out how amazing you start to feel after incorporating it into your life.

Here is one of my favorite recipes to use chia seeds in: Coconut Chia Oatmeal!


Thank you again to Healthy Foodie, Chassie from Forkin Healthy for sharing her passion for Chia Seeds here!  You should really check out her website, as well as Forkin’ Healthy on Facebook!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Maureen says:

    Great info! I’ve been putting chia seeds into my smoothies for a while now, but now I know why! Iinhabe a friend with an egg allergy and one who is vegan, so I’m going to try it as an egg replacement soon.

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  3. Carissa says:

    I’ve used flaxseed for an egg replacement before, but didn’t know about Chia Seeds. I bought some once with dreams of putting them in smoothies, but never did. Maybe I’d have more motivation if I put them in brownies. 😉

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