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Gael Garcia Bernal shares about voicing Hector, and what “seize your moment” means to him!

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Gael Garcia Bernal voices the loveable Hector in Disney Pixar’s newest animated film, Coco.  He sat down with us to share about what this project meant to him. Coco is a story about family and unconditional love that falls on the night of Dia de los Muertos.  While the film did open earlier in Mexico City during the holiday, it is set to open in theaters in the US on Thanksgiving Day. Gael Garcia Bernal shared that he is so excited to introduce so many to this movie, and a subject matter that is so dear to his heart. Here are the highlights of that interview.

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Gael shared that there was no hesitation when he first heard from Disney Pixar studios.  He read an email that said there was a movie in the works about the Day of the Dead.  When he read they were interested in him for one of the main rolls he said ‘Of course.” There was no doubt in his mind, it was an easy decision. “It was so easy, I mean of course it was like, I mean it was daunting the fact that I had to sing but I like the challenge of it.”

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He was asked if there was a take away that he hopes audiences will take away from this movie.

Gael said that The Day of the Dead celebration is a Transversal Celebration and that anyone can put whatever they want on their family’s alter.  He said this holiday is so personal and such a good reflection each year. He feels so fortunate that he was born into a family that has always celebrated and reflected in this way.

“…. it just shows the complexity of a tradition that is incredibly deep and incredibly profound and necessary.  Because ultimately this reflection leads you to be a better human being, leads you to be a better, to build a better society, leads you to build a better future as well to live life in a much more you know, essential way.  And that’s what I think this film shows about Mexico.”

Gael had been at the premiere in Mexico. He shared that Dia de los Muertos was more festive in Mexico this year than it has been in years past.  He saw very little Halloween, and so much of this holiday instead. He thinks this has something to do with the movie.

My favorite part of the interview is when Gael was asked about ‘seizing his moment’.  This theme rings throughout the film and he had some very profound things to say.  As an actor that has been popular in Mexico and is now world renowned, he truly has ‘seized his moment’, but his perspective was unique.

“….Carrying the flag of seizing your moment and I think it has been one of the most damaging aspects of western society you know, the notion of seizing the moment.”… “it has made us burn the forests that we have in front of us, you know, it has made us live the now as if there was no tomorrow.  As if we’re not engaging with a responsibility that freedom gives us to know that there’s a future and there’s people that will come after.  And it is not a rush, life is more, it’s more a craft.”

He compared the notion of “Now or Never” as a damaging trap we fall into.

And they, and to have that responsibility of engaging in the future and it is something that we need to do.  Because I mean come on, I mean from every single aspect in your life to even more broad aspects like I mean climate change and stuff, I mean we need to, you know, that it is not about seizing the moment, living in the now, but we need to know that there is a future.”

So good.

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Thank you to Gael Garcia Bernal for taking the time share with us. You can hear Gael for yourself when Coco opens in theaters in about a week! I will be in the theaters with my whole family! Tickets are on sale NOW for families and friends who want to celebrate the themes of “Coco,” including the importance of family, honoring your ancestors and following your dreams. Skip the ticket lines AND support our site by purchasing your tickets from Fandango today! Check out the trailer below!

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