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Garage Sale List 2014

Posted on: by Kate
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Garage Sale

It is no secret that I love garage sales and second hand shops.  Our new little fixer upper is a different layout than our last house and while some things were easy to move over to our new house, some things didn’t fit (this house is smaller).  We sold some of our things that were simply too big, made do with what we could, and we are slowly but surely filling our new little home up one second hand shopping trip at a time.  My Garage Sale List helps me keep track of the things we need. We started with the kids rooms – they all had to change.  Our big kids used to share a room and now they each have their own tiny room, our boy was able to use the furniture from their shared room (even though it is really too big for his room – it’s free!), but our daughter needed everything.  Our littlest also needed quite a few things since she was moving from a nursery to a big girl room. We knew last Summer we would be moving, we didn’t know when, but we knew it was coming so I made a garage sale list – many of the things for the kids rooms were purchased last Summer, before we even moved!  The result – three really awesome rooms for next to nothing!  Check out our daughter’s Shabby Country Chic little girl room, our son’s Star Wars Room, and our littlest’s Minnie Mouse Bowtique Room – I am really proud of them, mainly because the things we needed were ridiculously inexpensive because they were second hand.

There are a few things we won’t buy second hand, but that is a pretty small list!

To keep myself on task I try to make a Garage Sale List each year before Garage Sale Season.  Of course sometimes there is an item at a garage sale that I didn’t realize I needed until I got there and I just have to buy it, even if it isn’t on my list.  While I stray from my list from time to time, it for the most part helps me stay on track.

Well, it is that time of year again!  I am really excited to start shopping – the list is long, I highly doubt I will get all of it this Season, but I will do the best I can with the budget I can.  No doubt many of these items will be shared in Rummage Sale Haul youtube videos in the future, so stay tuned!

(here is our most recent haul video….)


Garage Sale List 2014 – What we want & the highest price we are willing to pay

  • Smaller Dresser for S’s room – $40  got a new dresser for his sister & her old dresser works perfect FREE!
  • Smaller Dresser for J’s room – $40 bought for $60 at a Thrift Store (above budget, but were able to repurpose the old dresser so we are still ahead!
  • Smaller Dresser & side tables for Master bedroom – $100 total (ideally less)
  • Patio set – $50
  • Small kid’s outdoor play set (last year TWO people told us that we could take theirs for FREE but I didn’t have anywhere to put it – we have a backyard now, so I am hoping we will have this offer again!)  got one for FREE!
  • 3T girl’s clothes, Size 8 boys clothes – 50 cents each found plenty at this price
  • good quality NEW rug for front room (we bought a BRAND NEW rug last year for only $30 at a garage sale – hoping to be so lucky this year as well!) – $30 – $40
  • Furniture for sun room – If the price is LOW – it isn’t really ‘necessary’ – it can stay empty indefinitely
  • plain shelves for S’s room – $5 each  got TWO for $5 – half what I was hoping to pay!
  •  Lamps for front room and family room – $10 each *update* found one for $3 and another for $4!
  • 3 Bar stools for the kitchen – no more than $20 each *update* found 3 for $50 on craigslist
  • Spoon holder thingy (what is that called?) – $ *update* found one for 65 cents at the thrift store!
  • Container to hold spatulas, etc on the counter – $1
  • Hardware for the bathroom – $5
  • CD Players for the big kids – $10 each  J bought hers with birthday money & Grandma found one at a garage sale for S for $5!
  • pretty plates/mugs/etc for recipe pictures *don’t go overboard Kate* – $1 each or less
  • Anything American Girl Doll, Star Wars, LEGO, or Disney Junior *again, don’t go overboard* – varies – again, don’t ‘need’ it, but if the price is crazy low, this is what they are into
  • Yarn and other crafts for J & S. – 50 cents a skein is all I am really willing to spend *update* My mom found some in the ‘free’ section at an estate sale. Score.
  • Outside water toys – 50 cents each
  • Organizational everything – varies – this is stuff we really need, but hoping for a great deal!
  • kids books – 50 cents each *update* found tons for 10 cents – 50 cents
  • Chairs for the kitchen table (ours are so gross!)- we need 6 chairs – hoping for less than $100 for all
  • formal floor length white dress (flower girl / first communion / etc) – J wants to be a bride for Halloween – hoping for $10 *update* got a beautiful first communion dress at the Catholic Thrift Store down the street for $12 – it is one size too big for J, but that is fine, because she has decided she wants to be a bride next year and Elsa (of course) this year.

Again – I know I won’t get all of this (we can’t afford it all even it if was all at every garage sale)- but these are all things we would love to get – we hope to knock quite a few off this Summer – check back as I will update as we mark things off.

Do you make a Garage Sale List?  What is your favorite thing deal you scored second hand?

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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