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Give a Book, Get a Book

Posted on: by Kate

I am so in love with the Give A Book, Get a Book program recently launched by Disney Junior!  I learned all about Give a Book Get a Book at the Disney Social Media Mom’s Conference and I am all about it – I mean, Disney AND Charity – I’m totally game, and I was super excited to share with readers.


Genevieve Goings from Choo Choo Soul and LeVare Burton from Reading Rainbow were excited to share about this new program as we all enjoyed breakfast.


Later our kids enjoyed listening to Disney Junior Stars David Arquette, Ariel Winters, and Tim Gunn read a classic story, the audience was captivated!




Many of you reading with young kids probably have a Disney Junior book lying around – you may have purchased this book on a quick run to The Disney Store or it was given to your child as a gift.  Many of you reading may have a kiddo with a collection of 100 or more books right?  As my fellow Disney Social Media Moms and I enjoyed breakfast one morning we were informed that many children in inner cities do not own even one book.  I suppose I already knew this, but the actual numbers they shared blew my mind.  In lower income areas there are reports of ONE book to ever 300 children.  I knew there were some kids without books, and that kills me, but I had no idea how many kids do not have books – out of 300 kids, 299 do not have even one book to look through and practice reading.  That is nothing short of a tragedy people.  We live in one of the most prosperous nations in the world, but that many kids without books is just unacceptable.

Enter Disney Junior’s Give a Book, Get a Book program.  Give a Book, Get a Book officially launched on April 21, 2014 and I am excited to see it bless kids all over the US!  It is simple  buy a Disney Junior book at your local Disney Store, there will be a unique code on your receipt – enter that code at and you can pick a book to give to someone in need and a digital book for yourself!  You even get to pick the region in the US that your book is donated to.  I just donated a Doc McStuffins book to Region 5 which is in the Southern part of the US – it was just one of the bigger regions, so I picked it.  It warms my heart that some little kiddo will get to enjoy that book just because I entered a code!

From the Give a Book Get a Book website “When you enter your code, Disney will donate a book to First Book, a non-profit social enterprise that provides new books to schools and programs serving children in need nationwide. First Book works with eligible organizations and classrooms including: Title 1 schools, after-school programs, libraries, military support initiatives, and others reaching children needing books the most. Disney will donate up to 1,000,000 books to First Book in support of Disney Junior’s Give a Book, Get a Book. The Give a Book, Get a Book program runs 4/1/14-9/30/15.”


I watched our kids meet Sofia the First for the first time, a character they have seen on TV, but that they mostly know from books.  They love Sofia, they have a connection because of the books they have read about her.  I am thrilled to provide that kind of relationship with other kids!  Come on friends, Disney is going to donate up to a MILLION books, all you gotta do is enter the code!

The kids met Genevieve too….. Our littlest was kinda skeptical, I mean, there was no conductor hat so she was probably just an imposter….. my big kids are growing out of the Choo Choo Soul phase; but they were SO excited to meet her in real life!  Thank you Genevieve for taking the time to shake their hands, it was a thrill!  She even signed their Disneyland autograph book!


Also, I’m new best friends with David Arquette.




* This post is in no way sponsored, I attended The Disney Social Media Mom’s Conference but I was not at all obligated to write about Give a Book, Get a Book or anything else, but I mean, it is awesome so I am totally sharing.*

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  3. Cindy H says:

    This is such a great charity. Would love more info about it!

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