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3 Simple Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

Posted on: by Kate
Disclosure: Sponsored by Aldi

gluten free lunch box ideasOur family decided that Gluten Free was the way to be last year.  I plan on sharing more about that decision soon, but for now I want to share about how it is effecting our back to school routine. School lunches can be a bit of a challenge anyway, add a food sensitivity to the mix and now it is even more complicated! If you have children with a wheat allergy or sensitivity you know lunches can be difficult. Our partner Aldi has sponsored three simple gluten free lunch ideas.

gluten free wrap ideas

All of the lunches below are gluten free. Our kids have a gluten sensitivity, but not an anaphylactic allergy. While the specific items we used were labeled as gluten free, other similar items might not be. Please double check any ingredients for your individual needs. Because our school has a nut free policy all of our lunches are nut free as well.  Our goal is to provide healthy, well rounded lunches that are also fun.  We only pack school lunches three days a week and our kids always look forward to them.  We like to include little to no gluten, lots of protein, lots of fruits and veggies, and at least a treat or two. While we use as many reusable containers as possible, we also live in the real world and sometimes pack for convenience. Below are three of our kid’s favorite lunches.  Food is fuel for growing minds and bodies.  We hope you enjoy mixing in a couple of our favorites for your back to schooler!

gluten free lunches

Photo clockwise : Organic apple sauce with berries and raisins. Wraps with chicken, quinoa, hummus, and bell peppers in a live G free wrap. Tasty live G free crackers. A bunch of Strawberries. Yum!


Chicken and quinoa wraps are a simple twist on a regular old sandwich.  Chicken, cheese, bell pepper strips, hummus, and quinoa all rolled up in a gluten free wrap. You can leave as one long roll or cut into bite size rolls.  This main dish is easy to set up the night before! Protein, fat, vitamins, and fiber are all part of the mix. Different meats and veggies can make endless varieties. Our littlest is actually allergic to dairy so we make her the same roll ups without the cheese. If you are looking to avoid gluten on the ingredient level, make sure to check your lunch meat, hummus, and cheese.  Believe it or not, some of these items do contain gluten!

three bean salad with pasta

Photo clockwise : Gluten free chips with organic beet hummus for dipping. Kiwis and pumpkin seeds. Carrots which are tasty alone or with the hummus! Bowl of three bean and pasta salad with organic veggies from our garden.


Three bean salad with veggies and pasta. The is a personal favorite. This salad is free of gluten and is also vegan. Packed with protein and flavor it helps our kids get through the day. Kids who enjoy helping in the kitchen will find that this is a very easy salad for anyone to make.  We typically make a large batch of this salad and use throughout the week. We use a whole package of live G Free pasta, three cans of any type of beans, gluten free vinaigrette dressing, and veggies. One large bowl is easy to make and can be used all week! This is faster and more fun than sandwiches!

gluten free nachos

Photo clockwise : Vanilla live G free cookies. live G free chips with gluten free guacamole. Blueberries and grapes. Gluten free ‘nachos’ – beans, corn, salsa, cheese (mix with chips and guac!

Gluten free nachos make my kids feel like I have packed something for a party. They think this takes extra effort, but in actuality it is super easy! In a reusable container we add beans, corn, quinoa, salsa, and thinly sliced onions. All mixed together with a little sprinkle of cheese on top.  We often have left over chicken from a previous night’s meal that also makes it into the cup.  Adding a small side of guacamole makes it fun and festive.  A bag of gluten free chips to dip and you have a yummy main dish.

gluten free chips

gluten free cookies

gluten free is the way to be

Eating gluten free is not nearly as intimidating or limiting as we originally thought.  We eat lots of whole food items with little added ingredients.  We found that Aldi has an amazing line of gluten free bread, snacks, treats, and baking mixes under the line live G free.  This line is easy to spot in light blue packaging with the live G Free label loud and clear. Gluten Free products tend to be much more expensive than their gluten full counter parts. The live G free is a happy exception to that rule.

gluten free options at aldiWant to save our gluten free lunches for later? Pin it here!

All the items pictures including sides were purchased at our neighborhood Aldi.  Follow ALDI on their social channels  Facebook, Instagram , Twitter,and Pinterest for more fun ideas, inspiration, and up to date information! While all of the ideas above can be made in multiple ways I know we are going to end up in a rut.  I would love for you to leave your favorite healthy lunch box ideas in the comment section.


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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