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Goodwill and Thrift Store Haul

Posted on: by Kate

thrift store haulI have always loved thrift stores and garage sales.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy shopping at the mall or online for something shiny and new, but I can often find awesome name brand, quality clothing for a fraction of the cost of new if I can take the time to treasure hunt! It takes a little bit of time, but I think the pay off is well worth it!  We have three growing kids and a new home to fill up.  I have found one of the most cost effective ways to keep everyone and our home looking stylish is by thrifting first!  I am excited to share a recent Goodwill and local thrift store haul with you!

thrift store haul brands

*three blouses for my 7 year old daughter – all name brands – all about $3 each! Thrift Store Haul win!*

We have a fairly small, cash only (Dave Ramsey inspired) budget for each month.  We use the envelope system and we are always trying to find ways to save.   For so many reasons we have decided to cut down our budget and I felt that if I put my thrift shopping skills to work, I could easily cut our clothing envelope down.  We have so many things we could use that money for!


*Awesome shirts for my son! Disney and Dinosaurs!  All about $3 each too!*

Our family moved a few months ago into a fixer upper.  We enjoyed getting a fantastic deal on our little house, and while it would have been nice to have a home that was ‘toothbrush ready’, it has been a lot of fun fixing it up ourselves.  We have big plans for this new place, but we are not willing to go into debt for it.  So once again, we have put our amazing frugal budget skills to work because we have a BIG Summer project looming!  We are thrifting so we can keep our budget in check so we can have money available if the project goes over what is expected.

designer-clothes-thrifted*jeans for me – Roxy, Paper Denim Cloth, and a cute Target brand – between $5 and $10 each!*

We have saved for this project, we are both working a little extra, and thankfully my parents are helping us fix it up (seriously, I have the world’s handiest parents – they know how to DIY everything!), but we are not taking any chances – we are also trying to pad the remodel account my cutting down on our monthly expenses.

In addition to the home repairs, it really bothers us that we can’t give more. Thrift store hauls help us with that too. We were incredibly blessed during both of our adoptions with friends and family that helped us raise the necessary funds for our adoption paperwork, travel, and legalities.  We are not sure if we are adopting again, but we know for sure we always want to be a couple that helps people find their way between a desire to adopt and actually adopting; sometimes it is answering a couple adoption related questions and often times it boils down to funding the process.  We like to buy stuff from adoption fundraisers, we sponsor a child through Compassion International, and we like making flat donations to orphan charities and adoption funds.  We do this regularly; but not as much as we would like.  I love that thrift shopping helps us buy less so we can donate more, but in many cases our purchases are going towards charitable causes (not always, not all thrift stores are charities, but many are! – win win!).

saving-money-thrift-stores* Two fancy name brand dresses and a cute hoodie for our littlest  – all about $4 each!*

In addition to the remodel and the hope of offering money to more charitable causes than the mall, we also see thrifting and garage sailing as a way to cut down on our carbon footprint.  Most of the items we purchase don’t come in boxes and plastic wrap, they weren’t shipped from far away, nothing was chopped down or processed to make something new for me to consume; we are using what already exists and what is still totally usable!  I mean, reduce, reuse, recycle right?

stylish-clothes-goodwill*I love these blouses & dresses for me – all were around $4 – $6 each!*

All that to say; we don’t exactly need to thrift, but for so many reasons we choose to.  We feel it is one small way that our family can reduce our costs so we can be more effective in other areas of our lives.  I think some people think thrifting is beneath them, but maybe give it a try!  All the items pictured here are from a recent thrift store hauls!  I may not be the most fashionable lady out there, but I think I found some great brands and I have found it to be one of the easiest (and certainly the most fun!) ways to cut down our budget.

Check out this little Goodwill and Thrift Store Haul video I made earlier…..

Thrift Store Haul Video

So I think it is going to take a little planning, but I think this is going to be awesome!  I have always bought things second hand, but never really strategically – I am thinking once I get going the lower budget is going to be no big deal at all!

So everyone knows I love thrifting – do you love to shop at thrift stores, Goodwill, garage sales, etc?  What are your thrift store haul shopping tips? I would love for you to leave in the comments section why you thrift, what your favorite treasure was, and if you have a blog post please link it up!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Sabrina Paul says:

    Hey Kate! Thanks for this blog post 🙂 As a single mom my kids have always known that 1.)we go straight to the clearance racks when shopping, 2.)we never pay full price for ANYTHING, and 3.)if I don’t have a coupon we probably aren’t getting it.

    A few years ago, when my daughter was old enough to venture home from the bus stop with her friends, she came across Thrift Trader. You would have thought she won the lottery! I had never really shopped in thrift stores; I think I was scarred as a child, being dragged along to thrift stores and garage sales with my mom and grandmother… So, at age 14ish my daughter began to buy, sell, trade at Thrift Trader. After a few visits she dragged me in, and OMG, I was in heaven! 5 items (mostly brand name stuff for $20?!)

    Soon after, I started driving her around to thrift stores and our new way of shipping began 🙂 Of course we are ladies, so we love to shop Macys, but really the same clothes are in thrift stores and with a little patience we find great stuff! Since then we have even made thrifting our Black Friday tradition 🙂 Did you know that most charitable thrift stores have sales?! Or that if something had been on the rack for over a certain amount of time there is usually a % ddiscount?! Many thrift stores have discounts for different departments on different days of the week!

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Thrift!
    Sabrina 🙂

  2. Jewel Blair-Smith says:

    I have always shopped thrift stores. I do not even want to pay the high prices they ask in retail stores. My mother taught me to thrift shop when I was young because we had very little money to live on. I am now 80 years of age and almost everything in my house and closet are second hand and I’m proud of the things I’ve purchased. What a thrill I get when I find something I want and/or need while out browsing in a thrift store.

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  5. Lizz says:

    My favorite thrift store haul was collection of 8 very high quality puzzles. They bags were still sealed so we knew no pieces were missing. This collection retails for about $75. We got it for $5!

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