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New Gorilla Habitat & New Baby at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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San Diego is home to the world famous San Diego Zoo; and just about an hour north in Escondido is the equally famous San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  As SoCal residents we have enjoyed having annual passes to the Safari Park over the years and we love that we see something new just about every time we visit.  The San Diego Zoo Safari Park recently made headlines when their newest addition, a little baby girl gorilla came into the world via emergency C-section.

Naturally, we had to make a visit out to see Imani and her new little baby!  A few days after Imani and her little one were back with the troop we made the trip out to see if we could get a peek.  It had been touch and go for a while with the little one, but it was such a treat to see her bonded with mommy.  Such a happy ending!


Our group was delighted to have a quick meet and great with a real live Gorilla Keeper who told us all kinds of fun facts about the new baby, her mama, and the really cool new gorilla habitat at the Safari Park made just for the Western Lowland Gorillas who live there.


*A picture of Monroe cuddled up with his Mama*


*And here he is ready to pounce on someone!*

We heard that the new baby gorilla (who at the time of this article still remains nameless) is the first birth for her 18 year old mother Imani.  What we thought was REALLY cool was that while this is Imani’s first birth child, it is actually her second child.  Imani adopted her first child Frank.  (Um, how cool is that?!)  Frank’s birth mother was not able to care for him and instead of hand raising him, gorilla keepers thought he might be accepted into the troop and adopted…… and he was!  Now Frank is big brother and we even saw him kiss his baby sister on the head while we were there…… seriously so sweet and fascinating to watch!


We were obviously super excited about the new baby, but I also wanted to point out there is a new and impressive play structure for the gorilla troop.  With Frank and Monroe being some wild and crazy toddlers the Safari Park really needed something to keep them active and entertained.  Through a generous grant the San Diego Zoo Safari Park was able to create an awesome structure for all the gorillas to enjoy, but especially this new group of kiddos.  If you have the chance, take your troop to check it out!


Here we are with the Gorilla Keeper and our friends from It’s A Lovely Life!

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is located in Escondido

Make sure to follow the SD Zoo Safari Park on Twitter at @SDZSafariPark and also on Facebook!

And one last picture of Sweet Mama & Baby…….



Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Thanks so much for allowing us to sit in on your keeper talk! We loved learning all about them!

  2. Danelle says:

    It was funny to see this as that gorilla keeper is my brother 🙂

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