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You Gotta Try This #StonyfieldGreek !

Posted on: by Kate


We are big fans of Stonyfield yogurt in our house, so much so that I am a Stonyfield “YoGetter”!  As a YoGetter our family often gets to test run a couple samples of products that are coming soon from Stonyfield.  This past week we were able to try their new individual Stonyfield Greek flavors and the whole family is loving it!  Typically our kids shy away from Greek yogurt, they say it is too strong, but the mild taste and flavor options make this a very unique Greek yogurt choice!

There are lots of Greek yogurt options out there, but we really love Stonyfield for several reasons.  Not only do we love Stonyfield Greek for the smooth and creamy taste and texture,  we love all that Stonyfield stands for when it comes to quality! All Stonyfield products are organic and GMO free!  They guarantee their farms are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer.  Our family cannot buy everything organic and GMO free, but we are taking steps in our budget and menu planning towards that – we love that Stonyfield offers something totally chemical free!

I love that Stonyfield Greek is fat free and only 120 calories – I eat it as a satisfying breakfast, a post workout recovery snack, or as a sweet treat at night time.

Stonyfield Greek comes in a variety of flavors that are all delicious – when surveyed my big kids both said Strawberry was their favorite, the baby said “I yike all ‘dem!” and the hubs and I played rock, scissors, paper for the last Cafe Latte….. He won, but he let me have it. *swoon*.


“You gotta try this #StonyfieldGreek!” ~ Brother S

Check out Stonyfield online for product info, where to buy, recipes, and promotions!

*As stated we were given a few samples of the new Stonyfield Greek yogurt, all opinions are totally my own.*

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. I LOVE that new Cafe Latte flavor! 🙂 Yum!

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