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How I more than doubled my Twitter Following and you can too!

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how to double twitter followers

To continue with our blogging for beginners series, I wanted to tackle one of my least favorite aspects of blogging; Twitter.  Can I be honest?  I don’t like Twitter.  Maybe I got into Twitter too late, maybe it just that Twitter isn’t my thing, but I just did not get Twitter at all. I never took the time to learn about what a great asset it could be and I got left in the dust. I learned eventually that growing Twitter is probably the easiest of all social platforms to grow. In a very small amount of time each day I was able to grow my Twitter audience without for paying for any programs or apps!

I signed up for Twitter six years ago and honestly just had stuff auto feed to it for more than two years. I rarely signed in.  I didn’t retweet or like or even read anything there.  I didn’t thank people for sharing my stuff or honestly even notice.  If you retweeted me back in the day, please accept my very late “Thank you”.

That being said, I wish I had pushed through and started growing my twitter following earlier.  Why?  If I don’t like it, why would I suggest investing in it? One of the first things that brands will ask when they pitch work my way, or when I pitch to them is about my twitter following and engagement.  Many brands put a lot of weight on Twitter reach.  While I personally feel that I have a stronger Facebook and Instagram base, I want to grow what brands continue to ask for.  As a professional blogger, my Twitter following is modest at best.

At the time of this post my Twitter following is a little over 9,000. I made a 2016 Blogger goal list earlier last year of several things, but one was to grow my Twitter to at least 10,000 before the year comes to a close.  Honestly, I thought that was a modest goal, but I didn’t quite reach it.  Despite not quite hitting my goal, I started 2016 with a little less than 4,000 followers on Twitter and more than doubled in a year’s time. I did not pay for any Apps or programs but was still able to grow quite a lot.  Because I have found some great ways to grow and maintain my Twitter audience I thought it would be a great addition to our Blogging series.

Here are some ways that I have been able to grow my Twitter following even though I am honestly not that into Twitter.

  • First things first.  Make sure you have a great photo and top image!  I don’t follow eggs.  Nothing says “I’m not even the tiniest bit serious about this than an egg in the profile.  It is really easy to switch it out (and yet it took me months!), do it sooner rather than later.
  • Make sure your bio lets people know who you are.  I think it is important to add, don’t oversell who you are.  I’ve seen a few too many “Social Media Gurus” out there with 200 Twitter Followers. Come on you guys.
  • See who has tweeted to you and respond.  Like I said, I was on Twitter for a very long time before I even thought to check this.  Twitter is all about communication. If you are just spitting out information and not engaging, it is all but pointless.
  • Following other Twitter accounts in your niche.  Finding and following other bloggers and Twitter users that write regularly about Travel, Parenting, Disney, Adoption, etc. I currently will follow an average of 50 new accounts per weekday in my niche.  This only takes a few minutes and typically about 1/2 follow back!
  • Engaging with other Twitter accounts in your Niche.  Following did gain me some new followers, but engaging really boosted the likelihood of them following back. Not only did it increase the likelihood of them following back, but it also increased engagement. And round and round it went.
  • While my blog readers as a whole are not super into Twitter, I do try to make it easy to share any post on Twitter that they might enjoy.  I have a Twitter follow button on my sidebar as well as Social Share buttons at the bottom of every post.
  • Make following on Twitter or retweeting on Twitter a bonus entry for a giveaway.  While I wouldn’t suggest overdoing giveaways, it is something that can easily boost your Twitter following and engagement.  While giveaways can incentivize subscribers, it is common for many of them to drop off after the giveaway has ended.  Some will drop off, but not all so it is still completely worth it to add it as a bonus!
  • Make sure to check out the trending hashtags and participate.
  • Use Hashtags (just one or two) when you are tweeting.  While hashtags actually limit your reach on Facebook and Pinterest, it is really helpful on Twitter. You will reach so many more people if you use an appropriate hashtag. For example. I may share a post or quote about adoption and those who are already following me and on Twitter at the time may see it, which is great.  But if I post that same quote about adoption and use #Adoption after it on a public profile it opens up to anyone search #Adoption, and usually grabs a few new followers.
  • Use Hootsuite.  While there are several programs for Twitter you can use, I personally use Hootsuite. I preschedule tweets for upcoming events and also to recycle old content at appropriate times. I have Valentine’s day posts that I will preschedule to share every Valentine’s Day, Halloween costumes, etc. Best of all, Hootsuite is FREE!


I laid out in my 2017 blogging goals that I hoped to grow my Twitter account to 20,000 followers by December 2017. I hope I can do this, for myself and my clients! if we are not following one another yet we totally should be! Please follow me on Twitter and keep me accountable so I follow back.  Please read about how I grew my Instagram Account too! What are your blogging goals this year? I hope you will share in the comment section!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Thanks Kate! As always, your advice is clear and right on point. Thanks for the straight-forward and easy to follow tips for growing my Twitter acct. Now… I’ve got some work to do!

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