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Hand print Card : Present for Birthmama

Posted on: by Kate

Two year old birthday

C recently celebrated her 2nd birthday!  We cannot believe how fast she is growing up!  As most of you know C was adopted through private domestic adoption.  Birthmama and Birthpapa actually asked for a Closed Adoption, meaning we don’t really have any contact with them at this time. We do sometimes send presents and they sent her a birthday card this year.  We decided it was time for a Hand print Card.

Private Domestic Adoption

*Look at C holding her Birthmama’s hand – she wants to remain anonymous so this is the only photo we will show, but I am so glad we took this close up.  Birthmama told C right before she left the hospital “I am your Birthmama and I love you very much, but when you are healthy you are going to go home with your Mom and Dad.  I’m your Birthmom because you grew in my belly, but Harry and Kate are your Mom and Dad and I picked the best Mom and Dad because I love you too.”  And then C grabbed her finger….. and then we all cried.*

Shortly after C was born Birthmama asked our coordinator if we would be willing to send pictures every once in a while as C grew up, she still wanted distance, but wanted to see how she was doing.

Nicole Benitez Photography

*This is one of the first photos we sent to her – we love this beautiful portrait by Nicole Benitez Photography*

Domestic Adoption

*Here is a pic that will go in her card this year, Birthmama has said she loves seeing C doing fun things.*

We were happy to provide this for the woman who so bravely chose adoption and gave us our sweet and sassy C.  We send her pictures at Christmas time as well as each Birthday.  C’s  Birthmama loves Disneyland and especially Minnie Mouse so we waited this year to send our card – we wanted to send some pictures from her Minnie Mouse themed birthday party!

We decided to make a special card showing how C has grown – they said goodbye when C was only about a week old….. she’s done a lot of growing up since then.  This may become a yearly tradition for Birthmama – we decided to have C make some special art just for her using her little hand print.

baby handprint craft

Step one – strip down the baby and have a grown up (in this case Daddy) help her paint her hand pink and make a hand print on cardstock.

handmade hand print card

Step Two – find some coordinating paper.  I used a sheet in the color of her hand print for the main card and a piece of textured white paper to frame the hand print paper.


Step three – cut to size (we had a 5 X 7 *approx* envelope)

card making

Step four – use your favorite craft glue to put down the border paper – I simply used an acid free glue stick, but just about anything will do.

Handmade Card Finished

Step five – cut the hand print paper to size so that you can see a nice frame from the other papers and glue down as well.  C’s hand is teensie so it left room at the bottom for a sentimental note.

I think this would be a fun gift for a birth parent, or really anyone who loves your kiddo!  This is a really easy kids craft that just about anyone can do!  We might do something similar for the holidays for the whole family – because it sure is cute!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Niki lynch says:

    This is such a sweet blog! Happy belated birthday, C! Awwwww sooo sweet!!!!!

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  3. Jessica says:

    THANKS SO MUCH for this Idea…Im going to do this for A birthmother.

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