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Healthy Party Snack Ideas

Disclosure: We received the items mentioned here at no charge, but in the hopes of editorial consideration. I received no further compensation for this post and opinions are 100% my own.

We are always on the hunt for healthy party snack ideas and healthier on the go options.  As a mom that is trying to balance being healthy along with being a little too busy to cook everything from scratch I have found a few awesome snacks that our kids LOVE and I deem appropriate for their growing bodies.  We were also introduced to a couple new options this past year at The Natural Products Expo!  Not everything here is organic or sugar free, but there are no artificial colors or flavors.  No high fructose corn syrup will be found in any of these products either; because that stuff is inappropriate!  Everything here got our kid’s stamp of approval and was enjoyed by our family and friends – consider it for your next get together or just to have on hand for playdates.

Below are a few choices we had delivered by super nice companies that wanted to share with our guests at our last birthday party!

Honest Kids Drinks

Honest Kids – Honest Kids are our favorite go to drinks for parties.  We like that they come in fun pouches but they have NO sugar (they used to have some organic cane sugar and now they don’t even have that!) and the organic juice is cut with filtered water.  They have fun flavors and colorful packages, but don’t worry – no artificial colors, sweeteners, or anything yucky!


GoGo squeeZ – OK, here is the thing.  These super fun pouches are just applesauce you guys.  Applesauce and sometimes they mix other fruits or cinnamon in too, but it is our kid’s favorite treat!  No artificial colors of flavors in these guys either.  I love that something this simple can be dressed up to be a special treat and it is so convenient when we are on the go!


*We won a year supply of Gogo squeeZ when we were at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration – we were excited to share some of our winnings with our friends at our party!*

pretzel Crisps

Pretzel Crisps – We have always been a fan of Pretzel Crisps.  They have a lot less calories and fat than the leading chip choices out there but I think they are just as tasty!  We love them with dip or alone.  The adults in our house love the Garlic Parmesan flavor and the kids love the mini variety with cheese.  We had two bowls of minis out at our party and had to refill both – they were quite popular!


Tillamook Cheese – We typically have our parties between meals but I still like to have more than just snacks.  We made a few ham and cheese sandwiches this time.  We have also made cheese cubes with crackers and veggies in the past.  Tillamook is pretty much the best cheese ever without any fake fillers.


Tillamook Ice Cream – People at our party were like “Tillamook makes Ice Cream?!”  The hands down favorite with the grown ups was the Oregon Hazelnut and Salted Caramel – you guys – it is what I assume heaven tastes like.  Strawberry was the kid’s favorite.  Now, quality Ice Cream is still ice cream – there is fat and sugar and quite a few calories BUT the ingredients are far more wholesome than most ice creams on the shelves today!  I have only found Tillamook Ice Cream at a couple stores in SoCal, but be on the look out for it – if you are going to splurge on Ice Cream – this is the way to do it!  Tillamook is totally worth the run the next day!

As stated these items were sent to us for editorial consideration.  We are not able to write about every item sent our way, but these products are truly some of our favorites!  We were not required to post and all opinions are 100% my own.  If you are looking for quality, healthy party snacks I suggest Pretzel Crisps, Gogo Squeez, Honest Kids, and just about everything Tillamook makes!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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