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Four reasons why I love Hearts for Hearts Dolls


With two little girls in the house we are kinda doll experts.  My oldest is in that stage where she really loves dolls that are her age and have a fun story to go with them.  There are so many to choose from, but I am personally especially drawn to Hearts for Hearts Dolls.

I like Hearts for Hearts for several reasons, they are multicultural, they have fun and educational stories for each character, they are at an excellent price point, and Hearts for Hearts Dolls also donate a portion of their products to charity!

Multicultural – I love that many different races and countries are represented among the dolls in the collection.  I love that there are dolls from Ethiopia (with beautiful curls!), India, America, Latvia, Laos, and more!

Fun and Educational Stories – You can check out the World of the Heart for Heart Girls where you can learn about where they live, read the girl’s ongoing diaries, and even read stories about real girls who live in the same country!

Excellent Price Point – Heart for Heart Girls are right around $30.  So many popular dolls out there now are fun, but just so very expensive.  My daughter has a nice collection of various dolls, including one that was fairly expensive that she saved up half for!  No exaggeration, she plays with her Heart for Heart doll just as often as the others.

Charitable Giving –  From their website….”Each doll has her own story to tell, with ideas about how to make life better for her family, community, country, and the world around her. When you buy a doll, a dollar of the purchase price is donated to programs that support children in that doll’s region.

Whether it’s malaria nets in Ethiopia, warm blankets in Appalachia, or ducks in India, Hearts For Hearts Girls’ mission is to help girls thrive—and to empower all girls everywhere to “change the world one heart at a time!””

Our little girl opened up  Mosi on her birthday and LOVES her!  She loves learning about her Native American heritage, her family, her State, and more.  I love that she loves this doll as much as her others, I am more than happy to add to her collection each holiday!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
  1. doll fan says:


    Each doll is beautifully designed. They vary the face molds slightly…and (unlike some over $100 18″ dolls I won’t name) thus the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls faces have some variance!!!

    Hoping to share my collection with a future granddaughter…(daughter alas is too old).

    Also, I’ve saved some of the mixed race dolls…in case some young mixed-race couples have daughters.

    Suggesting that you buy early…if you want to get one for a girl. Some run out…or you might have to pay more $$$ from an internet reseller.

    Playmatestoys.com sells some outfits. And check Ebay/Etsy for other outfit sellers. Check Pinterest for…patterns (some free)!!!

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      thanks for the great info! it is a great collection and we are looking forward to more coming out! I love them for all the reasons you say too! I will have to check for new outfits – that is great! I did not see them at Target, so that is awesome info – thanks!

  2. Doll fan says:

    Update…two new beautiful Hearts for Hearts dolls showed up in the local Target. Surjam…from Nepal, a country between India and China. Surjan’s story (in the enclosed small book) is that she’s a young slave worker in a factory. How does Surjan and her family get free…

    Nyesha is from Harlem NYC and is black/Hispanic. Is there a way she and her family can use their gifts to feed others and make a living?

    Dolls sold for about $26. Beautiful details on face, clothes.

  3. Ashley B says:

    These dolls are so neat! I can’t wait to find out more about them!

  4. ellen beck says:

    These are lovely dolls. I will let you in on a secret.. one of the reason I enter contests is I donate to Toys for Tots. We had just had a large Burmese population move into our area and I ‘chose’ a doll a child would be comfortable with and identify with more than a blonde . I hope and pray whomever got her loved her. These dolls are so pretty.

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