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Hilton Canary Wharf London England – Hotel for Large Family

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As a family of five, we often find it difficult to find hotels for large families. We were looking for a nice hotel for our larger family on a recent trip to London, England. The Hilton Canary Wharf in London was the perfect stay for our family. Today we are excited to share our Hilton Canary Wharf hotel review!

To be clear, our hotel was not at all sponsored. This review is in no way influenced by any sort of partnership. While we are including affiliate links to our posts, our trip to London was in no way sponsored. While we are always honest with our reviews, I think it is important to know that all of our London, England content is just a family who went to England on our own and what we would endorse.

hilton canary wharf london hotel review for large families

Hilton Canary Wharf is not in the center of the city of London, but it is a short tube stop away. Hilton Canary Wharf was about a 8 minute walk to the Canary Wharf Underground. We were able to take the Elizabeth Line to get to Central London. For our family, the price difference was well worth the short tube ride. We found the tube to be easy to access and a fairly inexpensive way to travel.

Hilton Canary Wharf was a very clean and comfortable hotel with amenities we used such as an incredible free hot breakfast buffet, gym, and business center. While we would not call it a ‘luxury’ hotel, we found it to be very comfortable and perfect for our family. We did not use the parking option as we always used taxis and the tube, but parking is available for 30 pounds. Please note that there is no valet option at this hotel. The restaurant was very nice and the concierge was very helpful in helping us navigate the area as well as tips for our trip to central London.

breakfast buffet london hilton canary wharf

Included Breakfast at Hilton Canary Wharf

For a family of five, with two teenagers, an included breakfast is one of the best ways for us to save a lot of money! Our family agreed that the Hilton Canary Wharf breakfast buffet was one of the best we have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Hot options including all the components of a full English Breakfast were included. Our teenagers were thrilled that they could also order a custom made omelet. Porridge and dozens of toppings were available. Our youngest fell in love with the Pastry and toppings bar, she had a croissant with Nutella every single day. We counted more than 12 fruit options as well as cheeses, smoked salmon, and multiple yogurt options. Plant-based and gluten free options were also available. I personally am not vegan but I do not drink dairy milk; I had four different non dairy milks to choose for my coffee. Included in the breakfast buffet were also so many beverage options, coffee, tea, many juices, and even Cadbury hot chocolate were available for all the guests of the hotel. We always left very happy with the options. Hotel restaurant staff was kind enough to show us that there were to go cups to take a coffee or hot cocoa to go. While we understand a buffet does not really have a ‘take away’ option, we were allowed to have our kids bring an apple or banana for the road.

We would typically spend $50 even at a simple trip to Starbucks for breakfast with our family of five. This breakfast buffet was delicious and it also saved us time and money during our trip to London. We would absolutely recommend this included breakfast buffet to anyone traveling to London with children.

Tipping at Hilton Canary Wharf

One thing that we were delighted to adjust to as an American family traveling in London is that tipping is simply not a thing in many places. While there may be a small service charge, it is far less than in the United States. Taxis did have a small suggested tip and there was a small service charge on hotel dinners. We asked about tipping at the breakfast buffet and we were told it was not necessary or expected. This took some getting used to for us, as it has been ingrained in us as consumers in the United States. We also attempted to tip the concierge and were told very graciously that this was not a thing that was customary and to please not tip.

Adjoining Rooms at Hilton Canary Wharf

While our family of five does sometimes share a room, we do prefer to have two rooms. Two adjoining rooms really works best for our family. While sharing a room typically ends up with us feeling a bit crowded and our son in a roll-away bed, two adjoining rooms means our son can enjoy a giant bed to himself, our girls can share, and my husband and I can have our privacy. One small bathroom in a single hotel room is also not ideal for a family of five, having two bathrooms really was a great part of having adjoining rooms. The kids had the opportunity to watch their own shows on their own TV while we were able to watch another show or have quiet while planning the next day of our vacation. While the rooms were quite spacious and we could have fit our family of five in one room, I am glad we opted to stay in two rooms that were connected.


Below we have shared our own simple videos from our stay at Hilton Canary Wharf. Hilton hotels have always been a good choice for us. We know that some Hilton Hotels are nicer than others and that restaurant options can very greatly. We hope this sneak peek at our actual stay is a great help for when you are booking your family vacation in London, England. While you are visiting our Youtube Channel, make sure to check out our other quick videos from our trip to England!


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We will be sharing more content from our trip to London, England in the future! All in all, we would absolutely stay at the Hilton Canary Wharf again!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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