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Honey Lemon and Fred Costumes – Easy DIY, No Sew!

Our family is obsessed with group costumes!  The obsession started having two littles and wanting them to be dressed in a theme.  At 14 the ‘twins’ still put up with my suggestions for themed costumes.  Their latest costume was Fred and Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. We love costumes that have pieces that can be thrifted and or used again.  Our costumes are always a mix match of items we found at thrift stores, our closets, and as a last resort, Amazon.

Honey Lemon and Fred group costume!

Honey Lemon and Fred Group couple costume easy DIY

Some of you may remember that our daughter was Honey Lemon a couple years ago too, she loved it so much that she decided to reprise the role this year too.  Her brother is really putting out a Fred vibe these days so it was the perfect match.

cute honey lemon costume big hero six diy

While I LOVE Halloween and dressing up, I really hate being wasteful.  I cannot bring myself to purchase brand new costumes that we will only use once.  We  almost always purchase costumes gently preowned or work with what we have.  I always encourage shopping for items early at a thrift shop.  Shopping used is so much better for the environment and it is a fun treasure hunt.  If you do need to purchase items for your costume, I suggest finding real items of clothing that you can use again and again in your every day wardrobe.  Honey Lemon and Fred are just real people when they are not super heroes.  Their costume pieces can be used separately the rest of the year. 

Honey Lemon easy tween and teen costume DIY

Honey Lemon needs a Yellow dress, yellow purse, yellow scarf or headband, yellow sweater, white color, white leggings, pink glasses, and heels.  We thrifted everything except the white color.  We got that on Amazon, we will for sure be using this for Wednesday Adams in the future!

fred big hero six diy no sew costume

Fred is probably the easiest Disney costume on the planet.  We thrifted a green beanie and solid red tshirt.  Our son had a long sleeved white shirt and a pair of cargo shorts in his closet. 

Fred and Honey Lemon make a great brother and sister or couple’s costume.  You can also add in other characters for a whole Big Hero 6 theme!  Happy Halloween to all the super heroes out there!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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