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Inside Out 2 Costumes

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Disney Pixar’s Inside Out 2 has introduced 4 new emotions, Anxiety, Embarrassment, Ennui, and Envy to Riley’s Mind Headquarters. These new emotions make perfect Inside Out 2 costumes that you can dress up as for Halloween, birthday parties, or Disneybounding. Whether you want to want to purchase a costume that’s ready to wear, or you want to make your own, this costume guide has everything you need to know to make an amazing Inside Out 2 Costume!

Inside Out 2 Costumes

These Inside Out 2 Costumes are perfect for all levels of costume enthusiasts. Included are the links to put together your own costume with materials on Amazon. If you don’t want to put together your own costume, we also included ready-to-wear costumes for immediate purchase. With the DIY Disneybound costumes, they’re not only perfect for wearing to Disneyland, they’re also perfect for everyday wear. Whether it’s socks, a dress, or shoes, you can reuse the items for casual day wear.

Can Kids Wear Costumes to Disneyland?

At Disneyland, kids under 13 can wear costumes year-round, not just during Halloween! While adults can only wear costumes during the Oogie Boogie Bash, kids are encouraged to wear costume whenever they visit the park. 

Can Adults Wear Costumes to Disneyland?

Unfortunately, kids and adults over the age of 13 cannot dress up at Disneyland with the exception of the Oogie Boogie Bash. However, you can still get into character by creating a Disney-Bound costume!

Inside Out 2 DIY Disneybounds

If you’re looking to do an Inside Out 2 Disneybound costume, or you just want a subtle costume for Halloween, these DIY Costumes are perfect for you. If you want to make the Disneybounding experience more unique, you can also hunt for the clothing items at a thrift store. We’ve included all the Amazon links as well if you want to buy all the Disneybound pieces on Amazon.

What is Disneybounding?

Disneybounding is a way for kids over 13 and adults to dress up in their favorite costumes but not in an official costume. Disneybounding is done by creating a costume based off of color blocking (the main colors of your character) and finding the right accessories. If you’re interested in more Disney- Bounding ideas, check out our website for Disney Bounding ideas, like our Luca Disneybound!

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DIY Anxiety Disneybound

DIY Anxiety Disneybound With this DIY Anxiety Disneybound you can recreate the new character Anxiety with just 4 items. The iconic orange and white striped shirt that Anxiety wears, the brown pants, and the lace up combat boots. While the combat boots are optional, they’re recommended to complete the Anxiety aesthetic. As an added item to make this Disneybound even more charming, we’ve included a suitcase necklace as “emotional baggage”. These items are also perfect for everyday wear, not just as a Disneybound costume, so that’s another added bonus to Disneybounding. 





DIY Envy Disneybound

Envy DIY Disneybound Costume Inside Out 2Envy is another one of the new emotions, and with this Envy Disneybound, everyone will be envious of your style. This Disneybound idea features 4 different items that are all available on Amazon. The light blue polka dot dress matches Envy’s dress perfectly. In addition to the dress, Envy also wears turquoise boots and purple tights. Finally, as an added accessory, Envy has purple snap hair clips in her hair. If you’d like to match Envy’s style even more, you can purchase a purple bandanna to wear around your neck like Envy. This purple bandanna is also perfect for if you want to add to your Disgust costume which we will mention below. 




DIY Embarrassment Disneybound

DIY Embarrassment Disneybound Inside Out 2Up next is one of the most huggable emotions of them all, Embarrassment! This new character is a shy and reserved emotion, but on the inside, he just wants a hug. This DIY Embarrassment Disneybound captures this emotion with a simple lavender zip up hoodie, which you can pull up and hide from the world in.  There’s also the casual purple jeans and the burgundy canvas shoes. This costume is simple and fairly easy to put together, and you can wear all of the items again too! This costume is perfect for teenagers as well. We all know that many teenagers don’t want to go all out for Halloween, so this is a perfect idea for teens. 




DIY Ennui Disneybound

DIY Ennui Disneybound Costume Inside Out 2Last but not least, we have a DIY Ennui Disneybound costume. For those of you who don’t know, Ennui means a state of boredom or listlessness. In other words, Riley’s boredom emotion. This Disneybound features all of the colors that comes from boredom. From the navy-blue turtleneck to blue sweatpants, down to the denim-colored socks, this costume captures the essence of Ennui perfectly. This is also a perfect costume for teenagers! It’s comfy, simple, and captures the mood of all teenagers. It’s also a perfect chill day at home outfit! In the Inside Out 2 movie, Ennui just wears socks and doesn’t have shoes. If you want to wear this as a Disneybound, you can put the socks around your shoes if you still want to capture the look of Ennui. If you don’t want to wear socks around your shoes, you can wear these blue slip-on shoes instead.



Adult Inside Out 2 Costumes

If you want to buy an Adult Inside Out 2 Costume that’s Disney licensed, we’ve included the links to purchase them on Amazon. These costumes are perfect for kids and adults, but be sure to check the sizing before you purchase. With these costumes, you may not be able to wear them to Disneyland on a normal day, but they still work for Halloween and the Oogie Boogie Bash! You can also feel free to add to these costumes with some of the Disneybound ideas above to make your costume unique. Be sure to check back on this post as we’ll be updating it with new Inside Out 2 Costumes as they begin to appear on Amazon!

Adult Anxiety Costume 


Adult Disney Pixar Inside Out 2 Anxiety Costume

This set includes Anxiety’s signature striped sweater, glasses, and a headband, providing everything you need to nail the look. Also, when choosing between two sizes, make sure you choose the larger size for a better fit. This costume is not Prime eligible, but it does have free shipping. Keep in mind that this costume does not include the boots, but you can check out our boots above for the Disneybound Anxiety costume if you want to add them!

Inside Out 2 Costumes Pinnable Image

Adult Inside Out 2 Ennui Costume

Coming soon!

Adult Inside Out 2 Envy Costume

Coming soon!

Adult Inside Out 2 Embarrassment Costume

Coming soon!

Inside Out 2 Kids Costumes

Whether it’s for Halloween, a birthday party, or dress-up, these Inside Out 2 Kids Costumes are perfect for any occasion. As new kids’ costumes come to Amazon, we’ll be sure to update this post so you can get the best Inside Out 2 Costume for your kids!

Kids Inside Out 2 Anxiety Costume

Kids Inside Out 2 Anxiety Costume

This Kids’ Anxiety Costume is perfect for kids of all ages with sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. This set includes Anxiety’s signature striped sweater, pants, glasses, belt, and headband, providing everything you need to nail the look. Keep in mind that this costume doesn’t include the boots, so if you want to fully complete the costume, you may want to check out our Disneybound Anxiety costume and find the right boot size. Also, when you’re choosing between 2 sizes, make sure you choose the larger size for a better fit. 

Kids Inside Out 2 Envy Costume

Coming soon!

Kids Inside Out 2 Ennui Costume

Coming soon!

Kids Inside Out 2 Embarrassment Costume

Coming soon!

Inside Out Costume Ideas

We hope you liked these Inside Out 2 Costume and Disneybound ideas! Be sure to check back for updated costumes and more. If you’re looking for the costumes for the original Inside Out characters; Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear, be sure to check out our other posts on DIY Inside Out Costumes. We have guides on how to make these costumes and links to purchase the items on Amazon. 

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DIY Anger Costume inside out group costume no sew

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DIY FEAR Inside Out Costume vest and bowtie

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DIY Joy Costume Inside Out

Click Here for a DIY Disgust Costume

Disgust Inside Out Costume

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