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Interview with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence

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Disclosure: Thank you to Disney for inviting me to attend the #ABCFamilyEvent - while all expenses were paid with the expectation of sharing with my lovely readers opinions are 100% my own.


Do you enjoy the show Melissa & Joey? We don’t watch a ton of TV in our house so this was honestly new to me when I traveled up to LA last month. Melissa & Joey is the story of Mel, a wild child turned local politician and Joe who moves in as the family “Manny” for her niece and nephew.  As often is the case, love and comedy ensues! Melissa & Joey stars two of my favorite actors from childhood – Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. *Whoa!* It was really fun to see them in grown up roles.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see some behind the scenes as well as part of a live rehearsal and taping!  Between scenes Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence were kind enough to sit down and chat with our group.  Here are some of the highlights of our interview…..

Melissa said one of the things she loves about this show is that unlike many family sitcoms where the Mom is ‘always nagging’ and keeping the family together while the Dad character gets to be the “Fruitcake” and fun, this show is kind of flipped.  She said “I get to be the fruitcake so I love that.”


She went on to talk about her kids just starting to be interested in acting and how if she had it her way she would really love them to delay things.  She was a child actor herself and she just wants her kids to be protected and just to have a normal childhood.  I think one of my favorite things to hear in these interviews is when parents talk about their kids.  No matter what you do in life, no matter what your childhood was; there is this similarity that everyone just wants the best for their kids.

Fun Fact : Melissa Joan Hart has a clothing line for boys called “King of Harts” that is “made with awesome in the USA”l!  It is a little pricey but I love that it is made in the USA and I hope to buy something for casual but special for our family portrait this year.

Joey was equally as gracious during his interview, and gushed equally about his kids too.


Joey says he is not really influenced by his kids when it comes to his role as Joe on the show Melissa and Joey.  He says that this show is definitely not for kids (and I would agree); he says he doesn’t even let his 9 year old watch it.  He says he likes to keep his personal and private life very separate.  He says he wants his kids to live normal lives and he has made the decision to keep his kids out of the limelight.

He said his oldest (a little girl named Charlie) is interested in acting and it was refreshing to hear that he is also very aware of how different the roles are for kids nowadays.  He wants her to have the opportunity to enjoy acting as a hobby like it was for him as a kid and take it from there if it is something she is truly interested in.  I love hearing actors that are also highly involved in their kid’s lives and really just want to make sure they are balanced.

Fun Fact : Joey Lawrence likes to sing in-between takes during tapings.  We were lucky enough to see some filming while we were on set and Joey was really in the Christmas spirit, singing various Holiday classics like “Let it Snow” within seconds of hearing the word ‘cut’.

Another Fun Fact related to the first : Joey is working on an album with his brothers called “Still 3” that should be out sometime this year – we will totally be checking out.

*Note to Parents*  ABC Family has rebranded a bit and is a little more adult than it’s name might suggest.  I would not say ABC Family is for children, but fun for teens and up.  Because Prudish Mama Kate knows there are some Prudish Mamas that read this I might suggest watching Melissa & Joey yourself before letting even teens watch it.  Depending on your threshold the themes might be a little too grown up for teens too.  It’s light hearted and silly, but it’s not for the littles or the most conservative of peeps.

Fun fact!  Did you know you can sign up to attend a live taping of many shows in Hollywood for FREE?!  These tickets to get snapped up pretty quickly – but if you want live taping of Melissa & Joey tickets<— click here and check back for available dates!

Catch the Winter Premier of Melissa & Joey on January 14th! Melissa & Joey is on ABC Family on Wednesday Nights at 8/7 Central.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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