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Island of Lemurs MADAGASCAR : FREE Printables

Island of Lemurs MADAGASCAR is in theaters on August 22nd!  I am super excited to see this movie with our family.  I was not able to make it to the prescreening but we did have a contributor share her thoughts below.  If your kids are excited about Island of Lemurs make sure to print out the FREE Island of Lemurs MADAGASCAR printables below.

Island of Lemurs is an excellent movie for teachers and kids to learn about the Island of Madagascar. We love to share printable coloring and activity pages for teachers. This is an excellent free activity sheet for teachers to use as part of a no prep day. Lemurs are adorable primates that fascinate children. Sometimes teachers need a movie and printable day and this film and activity page is a perfect combo! Make sure to check out our other free printable coloring pages for teachers!

Thank you to our friends at Warner Brothers for sending these high resolution free learning printables. Simply click to download and print as many as you would like!

Madagascar Free Printable Activity Sheet

Island of Lemurs Madagascar

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar is an amazing IMAX adventure for you and your kids.  Family members of all ages are drawn-in from the opening moments.  First, you are greeted by the comforting voice of Morgan Freeman as narrator. Then, find yourself delighted by the surrounding under-5-year-olds, pawing at an unbelievable bristly lemur tail in their face. The story is playfully told, and makes some interesting connections between animal families and our shared animal family, connections between their peculiar past and their uncertain future. The film itself is also a great way to experience IMAX as you find yourself looking to the right, attempting to survey the village you’re standing in the center of. The 40 minute run time is perfect for young attention spans and a fun family movie alternative to animation.”



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