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Jurassic World Trailer

Jurassic World Trailer

The next generation of Jurassic Park is here!  Jurassic World comes to theaters in June!  Here is a quick trailer – enjoy!  Spoiler alert – the Dinosaurs go crazy and some people don’t make it to the end of this trailer.  It all moves very fast but if you have very sensitive kiddos it is worth watching on your own first.  I watched it three times before deciding if I could let me son watch the trailer.  He loves dinosaurs so he really wants to see the movie but I told him we need to screen the movie first because it looks a little gorier than he has ever been able to handle.  That being said, it does look like a really amazing addition to the Jurassic Park brand and the hubs and I are excited to see it in June!

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  1. shannon R says:

    My 2 boys love this movie. We are going to watch it again.

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