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Kia Sorento 2017 review

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Kia loaned us a Kia Sorento to test while on a recent road trip for editorial consideration. Opinions are always our own.

kia sorento reviewOn our last road trip we had the opportunity to drive a 2017 Kia Sorento. A family of five needs a lot of room when they take a week long road trip and the Kia Sorento provided that. We currently own a Kia minivan and we excited to check out the SUV that would also be roomy enough for our crew.  We are thrilled to share what we thought of the Kia Sorento.  Below is a review of all the features, comfort, mileage information, and more for those considering a Kia for their next vehicle.

We drove our Sorento from San Diego to Monterey and back within one week.  Winding roads, mountains, and long, scenic stretches were the norm.  Whether we were looking out the giant sunroof, being comforted by cozy seat warmers, or just enjoying a smooth drive, it was perfection. We created some amazing memories as a family and we know comfort and style helped make that happen.

Kia Sorento driver side view

On road trips you sit for long periods of time. Why not enjoy it? The seats were awesome for so many reasons. One of our favorite features of the 2017 Kia Sorento was the heated and air conditioned seats. Seats and back rests warm and cool to the rider’s preference. It was downright heavenly, and we miss it!  Seats are Nappa leather with power adjustable front seats and Driver’s seat memory. Driver’s seat memory will remember your preference when you hit a button. It’s basically magic, friends.  If that wasn’t enough, it also features dual zone climate control so both driver and passenger can adjust to their preference.

The navigation system is really easy to use so you can answer the “Are we there yet?” questions with great accuracy.

The dashboard has so many things our current vehicle is lacking! Its 4.2 inch full color display and has a Surround View Monitor. When you are parking or pulling out, you can have an overhead view, backup view, or select a front or back wheel view. There are no angles that you can’t check. The cameras shut off automatically as soon as you accelerate and auto turn on in reverse.

This system has several cool alert systems. Blind spot detection for lane changes, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert and rear parking assist are all new features to us, and we loved it. The blind spot beeps when you turn on the turn signal or start to change lanes. The lane departure lets you know if you start drifting over. The Kia Sorento rear cross traffic is awesome for getting out of tight parking spots where you can’t see what is coming. For those of you who haven’t experienced these, its a audible beep letting you when there is something back there. Add to that the camera views and you have eyes all around you. Check out the UVO 8 inch display below. You can see in the overhead view how close you are to your surroundings. Along the bottom are a variety of cameras. The picture to the right is great for parallel parking so you can see the curb.

Its was pretty easy getting in and out of the 3rd row. Our ten year old son was able to adjust on his own.  As a family with fairly young children, it really makes a difference when kids can help with this adjustment. The second row slides and tilts forward to allow passengers in and out. The third row seats fold down easily for additional storage. We chose to have one seat down for our luggage and the kids still had plenty of space.

We loved that there were plugs in the front and the back.  Our kids love to watch movies and play on iPads for part of the journey. We appreciated that there were outlets for everyone to keep devices charged.  I would imagine that families with older kids would find this even more accommodating. This is absolutely a feature we will be looking for as our kids get older.

The kids especially loved the sunroof.  By sun roof, I mean Panoramic roof with Power Sun Shade. The roof shade opens all the way back to the third row. The kids enjoyed looking at plane, overpasses, and the night sky. The front section of the roof also opens up as a moon roof or completely open like a traditional sun roof. The views along the coastline were amazing, but even more so when we could look at scenery above too!

Kia Sorento sun roof

We had a great trip and traveled in comfort the whole time. The sticker lists the mileage at 19 city and 23 highway. The dashboard gives you the option to monitor your gas and there were many times that we averaged better gas mileage than the advertised 23 miles highway. There are even more options available in the display for those of you that like buttons, stats, and information. Thank you to Kia for allowing us to take the Sorento for a spin.  We were so sad to see our friend go!

2017 Kia Sorento

Thank you to Kia for giving us the opportunity once again to feature one of your vehicles.  Those who may be considering other Kia models, check out our review of the Kia Sedona.



Until Next Time ~ Kate
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