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That time my kids called ‘baloney’ on the Easter Bunny

So my big kids are eight years old.  They are somewhat skeptical little monkeys and between you and me, I cannot for the life of me figure out why they…

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Please Send Luke a “Happy New Year” Card

I want to quickly introduce you to my friend’s little boy.  This is Luke, he is nine years old.  If you follow along here you might have seen pics of…

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Santa Footprints

santa's footprints

Did you notice Santa footprints by your fireplace last year?  If you didn’t, maybe you should check this year!  We could not believe our luck when we saw Santa footprints…

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Mediocre Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the rest of us.


OK, so there are plenty of sites out there with really fancy Elf on the Shelf ideas.  This isn’t one of those posts!  I’m kinda all about minimal effort, but…

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Star Wars, Angry Birds, and LEGO Birthday Party! 8 Years Old!

This is the story of our son’s Star Wars, Angry Birds, and LEGO Birthday Party.  It was epic.  It was perhaps one too many themes for some, but it was…

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Potty Training, it will happen when it’s gonna happen : Parent’s Choice Diapers for now!

Parents Choice Diapers sold exclusively at Walmart

So, our littlest recently turned three.  We had hoped we would be out of diapers by this point.  We knew we might not be completely potty trained, but we were…

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Winnie the Pooh Party : Pretty Cute If I do Say So Myself!

winnie the pooh birthday party

This past weekend we celebrated our Little Miss C turning Three with a Winnie The Pooh Themed Birthday Party!  If you are planning a Winnie the Pooh themed birthday party…

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Happy Birthday Little Miss C


“Sometimes,” Said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  ~ A. A. Milne Oh sweet Little Miss C, who told you that you could turn…

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Things to do when you are Two at Disneyland!


Our littlest just turned three – so of course we had to make one more trip to The Happiest Place on Earth just a few days before her birthday when…

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Is MALEFICENT too scary for kids?

MALEFICENT opens in theaters today! The number one question people keep asking me when they heard we saw a pre screening is “Is MALEFICENT too scary for little kids?”  I…

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Sweet miracle boy : Fost Adopt Story


One more lovely story to share for Foster Care Awareness Month!  This comes from my friend Betty who adopted sweet newborn baby Lucas.  Little Lucas had a rough start but…

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Fost Adopt : Foster Care Awareness Month – three boys!


I am thrilled to have another adoptive family share their story in honor of Foster Care Awareness Month!  The mom telling this story is a dear friend, I know her…

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Fost Adopt : One family’s story


May is Foster Care Awareness Month.  To celebrate I asked readers to share their Foster to adoption stories.  Our family is formed through adoption, but we only really have two…

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“Adoption is Trendy” is not a thing.


It’s always interesting to me the reaction our family gets over the years when strangers realize we are an adoptive family.   With one adopted from Russia through Inter Country…

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Give a Book, Get a Book


I am so in love with the Give A Book, Get a Book program recently launched by Disney Junior!  I learned all about Give a Book Get a Book at…

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Disneynature’s BEARS : Donations made to National Parks Opening Week!

Disneynature’s BEARS is a wonderful family friendly movie that is opening on April 18, 2014. Our entire family truly enjoyed this Rated G movie!  BEARS follows a family of bears…

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Tips for Making a Meal for a New Family


Over the years we have made quite a few dinners or lunches for new families!  When a mom comes home with a new baby or a family adopts a sibling…

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Frozen Birthday Party!

Frozen Viewing Party

Our oldest really lucked out this year! Our blog was super lucky to be chosen to host a #DisneySide party!!  #DisneySide is an awesome campaign that encourages fans to show…

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The truth about the Tooth Fairy.


So my big kids are both seven years old, both are quite trusting, but both are very smart.  So I know our Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc days are…

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