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Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

Posted on: by Kate
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As a mom of three germy little ones I am always intrigued by new products to help make life easier when kids get sick.  I noticed the Kinsa booth at a conference I attended recently and I had to hear more about this thermometer that plugged into your iPhone.  They asked attendees to share a gross story about parenting – I of course shared how my kids have monetized barfing season and we all had a good laugh. I was intrigued not only to hear about how the thermometer worked on it’s own but also how the Kinsa APP offered several features that a traditional thermometer simply doesn’t have. I was able to bring one home to use with our family.

Kinsa-Family in use temp display

The Kinsa thermometer worked perfectly but when used with the App it offered so many more features.  When our son was sick it stored information from previous readings.  It shared guidance from medical experts, offered information on illnesses going around in the area, had a symptom check list, and other resources to get our kiddo help in our area.  Our kids are bigger and can handle the traditional under the tongue thermometer – but we said to ourselves “You know what would make this perfect? If they made this an Ear Thermometer it would be even more perfect.”


Well, someone must have been listening because guess what you can preorder now?  A Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is about to hit the market!  I am going to share a bit more about the Kinsa Ear Thermometer’s features but also make sure to check out the deal at the end here – it is a great opportunity!

Copy of IR ear_IllnessHistory_Galaxy-Hand

This is why you want a Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer……


  • Instant, 1 second temperature readings.
  • Comfortable to hold and use on a sleeping baby or squirmy toddler.
  • Easy to use 1-button switch, easy to read screen display with icons.
  • Can be used on its own, or with the Kinsa app. The Kinsa app works with the thermometer wirelessly via Bluetooth.
Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer App features
  • Remembers for you – the Kinsa App records fever, symptoms, medications, notes for each child on your phone so you don’t have to. Keep track for yourself, another caregiver, or doctor.
  • Guidance – in-app knowledge from medical experts guides parents on when to take extra precaution or head straight to a doctor
  • Accounts – Any parent or caregiver can see a child’s history and symptoms on their separate phones
  • Shows common illnesses circulating nearby through Kinsa’s Groups feature.
  • Works with both Android and iOS devices.


 The team behind How to be a Dad recently shared this video not only explaining how the Kinsa works, but also some good the Kinsa company is doing around the country!

Kinsa Ear Thermometer is now on sale 35% off for only $40 for the entire month of September! This is a pre-sale campaign that is truly worth taking advantage of. It might be a little early, but consider purchasing a Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer (or a few!) as a holiday gift.  The retail price will be $59.99 when it is available in stores in November so grab the deal while you can!


If the deal isn’t enough of a reason to consider purchasing in the presale, you have to hear about Kinsa’s philanthropy program FLUency .  FLUency gives free Kinsa stick thermometers to all families in a number of schools throughout the country.  They plan to expand to 100 different schools this Fall!

The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is truly a remarkable product and I cannot endorse this company enough.  We have only had to use our Kinsa thermometer a few times but when we have I feel like we have had so much more of the ‘whole picture’ when it came to our child’s health.  Check out the video above and make sure to take advantage of the deal!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Brittany says:

    The one second reading is a must have for littler children!

  2. I have a rectal thermometer for my son but that was when he was an itty bitty baby. Now that he is one, I need to get something more suitable! This looks really efficient and easy! BTW I laughed out loud about your barfing season comment 😉

  3. So nice to have a reliable thermometer to use when kids are under the weather!

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