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An interview with Laura Dern about Star Wars : The Last Jedi

Disclosure: #TheLastJediEvent was hosted and sponsored by Disney. This site also uses affiliate links. Opinions are always my own.

Laura Dern Star Wars

Star Wars : The Last Jedi opens in theaters in just a few days. Star Wars fans across the globe are so excited! With cast and crew being tight lipped to avoid spoilers, the anticipation is growing! I am so excited to share that while at the Star Wars Press Conference I was able to interview several actors from Star Wars : The Last Jedi. Today I am thrilled to share the highlights of our first Star Wars : The Last Jedi interview. Laura Dern, who plays the new character Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo was so kind to sit down and share a bit about making the film and her character.

Laura Dern interviewPhoto Credit Mom Start

She was asked to share whatever she was allowed about who her character is and how she developed her.

“I have purple hair.  I can tell you this and great to see you.  There’s a new boss in town.  I have arrived in the Resistance and I am a Vice Admiral, and that’s pretty much all I can tell you.  I can tell you how amazing it was to be inside i’s head, you know.  Each of these characters, particularly these new characters that he invented.  It was incredible to have the privilege of collaborating on what, who she is and how to present a powerful woman.”

Laura Dern Star Wars

She went on to add that one thing she really appreciated from the director and producers was that they  “…allow a powerful female character to also, her physicality to be Feminine, as opposed, to Oh, she’s a strong Female.  ‘Let’s put her in the guys’ clothes.’  And I thought that was wonderful and I feel excited to join this amazing legacy of strong Females in Space starting with our magnificent icon of Princess Leia.”

Star Wars press junket

Star Wars is one of those movies that many people remember as their first movie experience. Laura was asked if there was a movie that she went to with her parents that profoundly changed her the way Star Wars did for so many. Was there a film that made her want to be an actor.

“Well yes and I’m spoiled in my answer.  One yes, I saw the first Star Wars.  I was a little girl and I stood in line.  It was the first time I stood in line for a movie at the Cinerama Dome and it was blocks long.  And it was profound for me.  And the genre seemingly would not have been something I was interested in but the spoiled part is I have been raised by actors.”



laura dern in star wars the last jedi

Someone asked about what it is like to be a strong female character for little girls who will see the film. “Do you think little girls are going to want to emulate the strong women in Star Wars and what is that going to bring to the whole franchise?”

“Well it’s just incredible.  That’s so exciting.  I know what Leia was for me, as I know she was for all of you.  And it was again, not just her strength in some super heroic way but in the deeply human way that she, Carrie so incredibly embodied was this fearless irreverent sassy bold, vulnerable Female.  And all things to be true and powerful and kick butt and all of those things were in one Character.

And we know how rarely we see that.  So that meant the world to me and now my daughter and all her friends have this in Rey and soon other female characters in this movie and it’s really exciting to see what the different females do.”

She shared a funny story that really shows how excited she was to be a part of this film. She shared that one morning director Rian Johnson came up to her and said he had a fan that wanted to say hello…..” and I turned around and Chewbacca was there and like embraced me and I cried.  I really cried.  It was so moving to me.  And then you know, being on set and seeing R2D2 and these Characters we all fell in love with.  It’s stunning so then you have to get over it and go to work but it’s an incredible opportunity and experience.  I’m so happy to get to be part of it.”

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Fun fact : Each actor was asked what color lightsaber they would have, if they had one.  Laura’s answer was my absolute favorite. She said she thinks it is time for a rainbow lightsaber.  I mean, that would be epic.

Laura group shot

Thank you to Disney for allowing me to attend #TheLastJediEvent and the opportunity to learn more about Star Wars : The Last Jedi.  Star Wars : The Last Jedi opens in theaters in just a couple days! Thank you to Laura Dern for taking the time to speak with us.  I am always thankful for the time each person takes to share about their craft, this was a thrill of a lifetime!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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