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Lilo Costume : Easy NO SEW Halloween DIY

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Lilo is one of the sweetest and easiest DIY Costumes you can make.  Without breaking out a sewing machine, you can make this no-sew Lilo and Stitch costume.  With these simple Scrump Doll instructions you can have the perfect Lilo costume.  If you need a last minute costume for your Disney costume party, this is it!  Lilo can be a very simple last minute costume for Halloween.

diy lilo costume - no sew

Lilo is one of the sweetest and easiest DIY Costumes you can make!  Without breaking out a sewing machine, you can make this no sew Lilo and Stitch costume.  With these simple Scrump Doll instructions you can have the perfect Lilo costume.  If you need a last minute costume for your Disney costume party, this is it!

Our kids love Disney costumes and we are really into dressing up for Mickey’s Halloween Party!  While we would love to buy outfits from The Disney Store, we typically try to make some Disney inspired costumes at home.  It saves money to make our own costumes and it is a really fun family memory.  Today we are featuring a REALLY easy No Sew DIY Lilo Costume!  You know Lilo right?  A silly little girl from Hawaii who befriends a ridiculous space alien and loves the crazy right out of him!  My littlest is Lilo through and through and she just had to have a Lilo Costume.  Lucky for me a Lilo costume is super easy to make!  Everyone knew exactly who she was – the best part was her entire costume was great for everyday wear after dress up was over!

Lilo is the perfect costume for warm weather locations.  If you live somewhere chilly, this costume can easily be modified.  Put long sleeves and long leggings underneath and you’ve still got a great costume!

Because our daughter is into dress up and trick or treat, but doesn’t yet have her own ideas we get to pick her costume still.  I love that there are so many cute characters with straight dark hair and big brown eyes so we can play up that too!  Last year she was Dora (of course!), this year she is sweet and sassy Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Lilo costume no sew

We feel like Lilo fits our quirky little girl perfectly and I seriously topped myself this year.  If you are here to find a crazy intricate Lilo costume you are in the wrong place.  This is my ‘so easy it is practically cheating’ trick or treat costume.  Sometimes our costumes are crazy complicated, but this is not one of those costumes.  ThisLilo costume is super budget friendly and we like to do that as often as possible!

DIY Dora Costume

Just like last year’s DIY No Sew Dora Costume (yes I know Dora is not Disney 😉 )our Lilo inspired costume is a garage sale find.  I found this adorable little dress at a garage sale for 75 cents.  You can often find Hawaiian print dresses at garage sales, and I was super excited to find this red dress in the perfect shade of red with big white flowers.  This Hawaiian dress is not a perfect replica of Lilo’s red Hawaiian dress, but it is close enough to pass.

Lilo dress

Little brown sandals on clearance at Marshalls were great!  We try to avoid open toed shoes as often as possible and I found partially close toed sandals that were perfect!  At $13 they were well within budget and I am happy that these are not ‘costume’ shoes; just like the dress they will easily be part of her wardrobe after trick or treating is over.  Her little footies just went up a size anyway and in Southern California we still have a couple months of sandal weather anyway, so they will serve her well before and after Halloween too!

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scrump doll diy

*Optional* Scrump Doll

Last but not least, we of course needed a Scrump doll.  All we needed for this was some minty green fabric (ideally pre loved), some buttons, ribbon, and sub par sewing skills.  I had all of these things; especially the sub par sewing skills.

pillowcase skirt

My mom made my daughter this very cute pillowcase skirt about 2 years ago from a 25 cent estate sale pillowcase.  It is adorable and it has served her well, but it is the perfect “Scrump Green” so she is letting go of it so it can be made into a funky little doll for her sister.  I considered for a second documenting this step but I decided against it.  Basically – get a fabric in a minty green and cut out a scrump form.  Sew stuff into the right spot.  Poor sewing skills is not a problem, actually a benefit for this particular project.  Stuffing it lumpy isn’t a bad deal either.  It is supposed to look like a kid made it.  Tada!

Lilo Costume

lilo scrump doll

This No Sew Lilo costume was about $15 (including buying new shoes!).  The kids love to dress up but costumes can be pricey.  We have also seen so many DIY costumes, but even those are pricey and super time consuming!  While I wouldn’t consider our costumes the fanciest; they are typically super easy, budget friendly, and they always get lots of compliments.

Are you looking for a last minute Lilo costume?  You can purchase this dress below (affiliate) and have it shipped via prime!

Oh – and that scrump doll for your Lilo costume?!  I don’t have a pattern for a DIY – but seriously – how cute is this Scrump Doll Costume!!

This little number is going to be all kinds of cute when we go to Mickey’s Halloween Party!  Seriously, this DIY Lilo Costume is most likely the easiest costume you will ever come across!  Don’t forget – If you like it, make sure to Pin it!

Before you leave – make sure to check out or big long list of DIY Disney Costumes, complete with instructions. Thank you for visiting us today!

Lilo Costume




Until Next Time ~ Kate
  1. Cindi says:

    I can’t find how you made the scrump doll. My grand daughter is going to be Lilo for Halloween this year and I can’t find an affordable one that would get mailed in time. Do you have the instructions on how to make the doll? I would REALLY appreciate it!!! Thanks, Cindi

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Hi Cindy – I didn’t write instructions as I totally ‘winged it’ – sorry! I literally cut a ‘scrump’ shape free hand out of a pillowcase that happened to be the right color. I hand sewed eyes on and use scrap ribbons and yarn for details. Sorry I dont have better instructions available but looking thrown together I think only made her look ‘scrumpier’ 😉

  2. HilLesha says:

    That is such an adorable costume, and I just love that scrump doll! 🙂

  3. Dinah G says:

    I love the Scrump doll!

  4. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    She is so adorable in this costume! And I too love that doll so much Im going to try and wing it myself! My niece is a Lilo and Stitch fan, this would be a great activity me and her can do together, as she just learned to sew.

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  7. Laurajj says:

    Oh that is so cute and creative!!! I really need to get creative with our costumes this year!! I love how you did the Scrump doll!!! What an adorable costume for Halloween!

  8. Dandi D says:

    This is such a cute idea and would be perfect for my niece!

  9. Janet W. says:

    It’s amazing how expensive costumes can be and to spend money on that every year, times how many kids you have. What a cute idea!

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