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Luvs asked us to share #WhatULuv

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what u luv

As parents it is important for us to teach our kids to think outside themselves.  One of the easiest ways to convey this message to be an example. We think fostering relationships with those who build us up is one of the best things we can teach our kids to do. One of our favorite things to do is make presents for friends and also for those in need.  It brings us joy to know we are helping someone out.  Today we are partnering with Luvs Diapers to share about “What we Luv”.

what u luv

You know what I love?  I love hanging out with friends.  I love coffee, obviously.  Downtime is my greatest and often absent true love.  When our babies are away at school moms can easily get wrapped up in other stuff.  Work, housekeeping, errands, and more can eat up those precious school and daycare hours quickly. Even with a busy schedule I’ve made sure to get together with friends about once every other week. Sometimes we meet at a local coffee shop, but we often get together at one mom’s house. Sometimes it is a group, sometimes it is one on one; but I just know I need to make time to be with grown ups.

luvs partyDuring that time we rest, laugh, and often talk about what is on our hearts.


This past week it was my turn to host.  The good folks at Luvs sent over adorable decorations and goody bags for each of my friends. I was so excited to treat my friends to a little party, but also spread the love a little further.  We decided this day to put together a care package for a center that serves moms in need in our community. The number one thing that mothers ask for are diapers.  Diapers, especially quality diapers can be expensive.  I am excited to share some amazing Luvs diapers in care package.

suzanne kids

All of my friends in attendance are experienced parents.  We all agreed that Luvs are a great price and there is a reason Luvs is the official diaper of experienced parents. Choosing Luvs over a pricier brand can save up to $150 a year. I chose Luvs with my kids so I thought it would be a great diaper to share with new moms too. We want the little love that wears these to be comfy and cozy.  Luvs Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus™ are better than ever and keep kiddos dry all night. Experienced moms agree that Luvs are a great diaper choice where you do not have to sacrifice quality for a lower price.

baby luvs

Our little get together was so much fun for us, but it was extra special because we packed several bags of new baby necessities for moms in need in our community.  Friends brought gently loved items, brand new items, and of course we put a few packages of Luvs in the box.  All in all we packed three big gift bags full of items for me to drop off the following week.


This is only a small portion of what went into our donation bag.  There was even more that didn’t make it into the picture! Experienced moms know what is up! Quality diapers that last, blankets, teethers, and a couple cute and sensible outfits is really the basics. I want to invite all of our readers to remember to make time to get together with friends, even if only for a few hours.  Celebrate “What U Luv” too!

donations bags

Visit to learn more about the new features and great price of Luvs diapers! Want to get social? Follow Luvs on Twitter | Facebook | YouTube Check out the other parties by searching the hashtag #WhatULuv

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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