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MALEFICENT free printable activities

 Maleficent is the story of Maleficent from Sleeping beauty. I posted “Is Maleficent too scary for kids?” and I was quite surprised to see how much attention in received!  While we are waiting a bit for our kids, I know that other kids don’t scare quite as easy as ours and they are probably looking forward to seeing MALEFICENT if they haven’t already!  Thank you to Disney for these really fun new  MALEFICENT free printables! Click and instantly download these spooky printables from Maleficent!

MALEFICENT is in theaters now and is rated PG

My kids love free Disney printables. Please check out all of the free Disney printables on our site. Below we have activity sheets featuring the Disney villain; Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. These printables are high resolution and free to use at home, school, and camp. We hope other families and teachers will love this free printable resource!

Grab your crayons, markers, scissors, and glue. Children will enjoy hours of fun and fantasy play with these activity pages.

Maleficent Activity Pages

Maleficent activity sheets

Print and cut – scene maker from Maleficent

Simply print out the scenes from your home computer. These beautiful landscapes are from the film “Maleficent”. Cut and fold on the dotted lines. You may need glue or tape to secure the scene makers. Using card stock is ideal but they can also be created using plain printer paper. Cut out the characters and act out your favorite scenes from Maleficent!


Maleficent activity sheets

Maleficent activity sheetsMaleficent activity sheets Maleficent activity sheets Maleficent activity sheets

Thank you to Disney for sending over these creative craft ideas for our friends! Don’t miss our other Maleficent and other activity sheets!

Until Next Time ~ Kate

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