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Mary Poppins Archives #D23Expo

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D23 Treasures of Walt DisneyI grew up watching Mary Poppins on VHS tape.  We watched it over and over again.  I was able to quote the movie and sing every song beginning to end before I was in double digits.  With that information, I am sure you understand why I happily queued up to see the Mary Poppins archives at D23 Expo – part of the D23 Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit.  With Saving Mr. Banks coming out in theaters this December I thought the Mary Poppins archives were  very appropriate treasures to share!

Mary Poppins Archives

Who else wanted this parasol and dress as a little kid?  This is a BEAUTIFUL piece  close up, the detail is amazing.  While I tried, I don’t think I was able to do it justice in the photograph.  It was lovely, and while it did show it’s age a bit, the outfit was still practically perfect in every way!

Mary Poppins White dress

Mrs Banks Dress Mary Poppins

Sing it with me friends…. “Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group their rather stupid!” (that line always cracked me up – absolutely no offense to my husband…. he knows it is a joke!)

Jane Banks Original Costume

As a little girl, I always wanted Jane Bank’s costume, especially her coat.  If I could get my hands on exact replica now, I would totally dress my girls up in it now – seeing it in person was really fun!

And then there was this cuteness……………..

Mary Poppins Carousel

It took all I had to not jump right on top of one of these precious Mary Poppins Carousel horses!  I mean, these are the real deal, these are the real horses used in the movie!  And yes, they are every bit as adorable as I would have expected.

Mary Poppins Carousel Horse

Don’t you want to just scratch her little chin?  Is that just me? I promise I didn’t touch anything…..but I REALLY wanted to!

Mary Poppins Vintage Lunchbox

I’m not quite sure how I got through my childhood without this lunchbox and thermos.  Seriously, if they remake this I would totally buy it for myself.

And for those that are eagerly anticipating Saving Mr. Banks like I am, I present the following brand new additions to the archives…………


Saving Mr. Banks Costumes


Saving Mr Banks Costumes Sherman Brothers It was amazing to see the D23 Treasures Archives, and if you get the chance I would highly suggest it!  Want to see more Disney Archives?  Check out the Harrods Disney Princess Dress collection!  It truly was an amazing exhibit for any Disney fan!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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