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Matilda Jane Clothing – Let them be little

Posted on: by Kate


I have been blessed with two girls (a boy too, but this post is about girls).  My girls are nine and four and this is the first year they are both going ‘back to school’.  I was so happy to have a beautiful Matilda Jane outfit for both of them.  I love that they coordinate and I love that Matilda Jane celebrates childhood and innocence with their beautifully made boutique style clothing.

My oldest is 9 now and I have not quite figured out how that happened so fast. While I love watching her grow into a big person I feel like she has her whole life to be a grown up; so why rush it?  Why tween girl clothing looks like club wear is beyond me.  My girls are still into frills, princess details, and twirly skirts.  I know that time is fleeting, someday I fear we will have a tug of war over skirt length or crop tops – but not today.  Today they are little princesses.  Matilda Jane is the perfect brands for them.  Matilda Jane offers beautiful details and feminine details in beautiful designs that are durable and comfortable.  We wanted to make sure the dressed washed and wore well before we shared at all – and we are truly impressed.  Matilda Jane clothing is absolutely beautiful and fancy, but also practical for my girls that love to run and play all day.  Matilda Jane Clothing lets them be little  – and I applaud them for that!


If I wasn’t in love with Matilda Jane enough already – I warmed my heart to see they are very active in giving back to children around the world.  They work with the Mighty Acorn Foundation which works to help vulnerable children in Kenya by providing schooling, food, and shelter. As a mama to a child that once lived in an orphanage without the basics I am thankful that Matilda Jane donates a portion of their profits to provide for children in crisis.


And then there is the Changing the Face of Beauty campaign – dozens of boutiques and businesses are dedicated to equally representing people with disabilities in advertising and media worldwide. As a mama of a little girl with a cleft lip, I just can’t begin to tell you how much this warms my heart.  While she has had corrective surgery, her scars say she is different and kids that were different were seldom (if ever) represented in most advertising campaigns.  If you want to feel a bunch of warm and fuzzies – check out #ChangingTheFaceofBeauty on Instagram! Four thousand posts and many of them are rocking Matilda Jane – I love it!

Matilda Jane Clothing is sold in trunk shows only – our Trunk Keeper is Lindsay number 923.  You can order any clothing online at Matilda Jane Clothing (make sure to put in number 923 to support my friend!).  Follow shopmjctk923 on Instagram for sneak peeks and fun pairing ideas! Ordering online is easy but if you enjoy house parties you can host a party in your home and save a ton of money and even get FREE Matilda Jane Clothing for you and your girls!  While it is still warm and our girls are getting plenty of use out of their Spring Collection dresses, I am tempted to have a party to buy up the whole Fall collection, it’s precious too.  And because I cannot help but pass along a good deal – check out the Good Luck Trunk where they have discounted items from previous seasons.


** Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper 923 Lindsay was kind enough to send an outfit and accessories for each of our girls.  This is not a sponsored post but we are thankful for the gifts and I completely stand behind this company!  We are fans for life, thank you for the introduction!**

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Joyce says:

    I attended a trunk show with Lindsay and she was so nice! The womens clothes is great too! I like that the dress I got washes well too.

  2. Sarah Sobocinski says:

    I love Matilda Jane. The clothes are so cute.

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