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An Interview with Mia Wasikowska

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Disclosure: My trip was hosted by Disney but opinions are always my own.

Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska plays the role of Alice Kingsleigh in the upcoming film Alice Through the Looking Glass.  This is Mia’s second time playing Alice and she was kind enough to sit down in an interview and discuss what goes into the making of a film like this.  Alice Kingsleigh is a revolutionary young woman who challenges the expectations of women of her time period.  And as most know, Alice has the most unreal but very symbolic dreams while she journeys through life.  Mia shared insight on playing this complex and beloved character.

alice movieimage credit Disney

When asked about how Alice has changed from the previous film to this one she answered

“I really love Alice and I like seeing her journey.  I think in the first film, she was quite, kind of still a little uncomfortable and trying to bridge that gap between, between knowing who she is and, um, on the inside and then being able to be that on the outside.  And I think that was sort of her journey in the first film.  And then in this film I think she’s just spent two years as the captain of her own ship, and she has a really strong sense of who she is.”

She went on to say….

“….despite the fact that expectations of her are really low in, in her society, she manages to sort of hold on to that sense of being worth more than what people want of her, which I think is really great and important for, you know, young girls and boys, obviously, everywhere.”

I love that she sees this theme of feminism and that women can overcome expectations is not only important to young girls but also young boys.  I love that my girls are being taught that they have no limitations, and I love that my son is seeing that message about girls as well.

interview Photo Credit : Whiskey n Sunshine

Later she added

 “I like that she doesn’t have that sense of like femininity being like a restriction to her.  And she still manages to be like feminine and connected to that side of her without kind of compromising anything…. I like to think you can kind of like have both and not in a way where it’s like limiting to be a woman or, or to enjoy certain aspects of that….”

I love this.  Our girls love the being girls, and we don’t want to squash any of that.  I love that she says we can celebrate this, but also not see it as a limitation.  Girls can be fancy and beautiful, and they can be sea captains – and they can be them at the same time. Love it.

Mia also shared some great insights about the Alice books by Lewis Carroll

“I think like the great thing about the books is that you can read them at any stage in your life and they mean like a completely different thing.  I think kids see stuff in it that adults don’t, and vice versa.  And I like that it lends itself to like many different interpretations. I hope if anything like all these interpretations kind of bring people back to the original source material.”


Fun Facts about Mia

  • She lives in Sydney
  • She loves to read – the last book she read was If On A Winter’s Night, A Traveler
  • Mia enjoys gardening on her time off
  • While she enjoys period pieces she said she would love to act in a smart comedy in the future.

When asked what her favorite quote from the movie is, Mia responded t with “You can’t change the past but you can learn from it.” The others in the interview room agreed that this was a great quote and also something that seems to be really hard for society to grasp.

Alice Through the Looking Glass staring Mia Wasikowska opens in theaters tomorrow!! Mia was asked what her favorite part of the film was and she answered that this scene below was her favorite. She said   “… one scene I really like is when I see the hatter in the  marketplace and I’m trying to explain to him that we’ve met, but when he’s older and I’m younger.  I think that’s so sweet, and it’s got like such an essence of the, of the original book to it, that whole abstract, quite bizarre nature of it.”  I could not agree more!

Check out a sneak peek at that very scene right here…..

Thank you very much to Mia Wasikowska for taking the time to meet with our group and share about your work on this film!



Until Next Time ~ Kate
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    Mia is not surpassed in beauty or genius. there are no woman like her on the planet. i love her.

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