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Mickey’s Halloween Party! A trip down memory lane…..

Mickey's Halloween PartyOne of my favorite things about Fall is Mickey’s Halloween Party at The Disneyland Resort!  I noticed earlier this week that tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party are already on sale; keep in mind this special event often sells out so if you are considering tickets make sure to do so quickly.  It is really for everyone, I love that it is not even a wee bit scary according to our kids.  So many Halloween events are scary and that just isn’t our thing.  Mickey’s Halloween Party has special treats, fun costumes, special ‘not so spooky’ entertainment; and anything that keeps us up past bedtime is all kinds of awesome.


Our family used to go to Disneyland every year during the Fall, but we only really discovered Mickey’s Halloween Party the last two years.  While every trip to Disneyland is special for our family, Mickey’s Halloween Party nights hold some of our fondest memories.  I wanted to take a little picture walk through memory lane over the last couple years and also share some of the new things coming up!


The first year we went our kids dressed up as Mouseketeers – Darlene, Cubby, and little Annette drew quite a few ‘oh so cute’ comments from other party goers.


Taking pictures with three kids is no joke.  Not one is Olan Mills worthy you guys.  Not even one….. and we took like 100.


So precious!


Rides are open to enjoy during Mickey’s Halloween Party and these pics Daddy snapped on the Tea Cups of the big kids are some of my very favorites we have of the two of them.  So much fun!


Oh my goodness! Is that a picture with all five of us looking at the camera AND smiling?!  Obviously a Disney miracle.


Our kids were only 6, 5, and 1 that first year.  We weren’t able to ‘shut it down’ like we had hoped, but stayed up way past bedtime!  We had so much fun trick or treating, watching the parade, riding rides, meeting characters we had never met before, and just making awesome memories that by about 9pm we were a little disheveled, but still smiling on our way out.

 One of the things I loved most about this event is that costumes are encouraged and guests get SO creative!  It is amazing to see all the Disney fans dressed up – it really is the ultimate trick or treat event!  We decided to go fairly last minute but we of course needed to have some cute costumes!  Luckily we were able to make some really adorable homemade costumes!  These were super cute and not difficult to make at all!  I am seriously super proud of these cute kiddos and their Homemade Mickey Mouse Club costumes!  If you would like to dress up you can Get more information about Mickey’s Costume Party Guidelines here!  Not everyone dresses up at Mickey’s Halloween Party but I HIGHLY suggest it!

The first year only the kiddies had costumes, but the second year we took it up a notch and dressed up the whole family!  Can you believe my husband had never dressed up before Mickey’s Halloween Party?  He was a month shy of 40 the first year he wore a Halloween Costume.  It was lots of fun!

bert and mary poppins

We took this picture below just minutes before hopping in the car.  My mom made that beautiful Jane Banks Dress.  She’s amazing.  My son gets a medal for wearing his sister’s knee high socks because I insisted he wouldn’t be Michael without knee high socks.  I feared he would never forgive me.

jane and michael banks costumes

He did forgive me though, because as promised; I let him change into a pirate only hours after getting to Disneyland.


Whoever says Dress Up is just for girls has never been to Pirates League!


This picture above you guys…. it just turns my insides to goo.  So much warm & fuzzy.


Have I mentioned how much I love the costumed characters?


When I asked the kids what their favorite treat was at Mickey’s Halloween Party and the big kids both at the same time said “The Monster U Fries!”  They are hoping we can go again and that Monster U Fries are still on the special menu!


 As we get closer to Halloween I bet there will be lots of fun updates!  Make sure to check out Disneyland on Facebook and follow @Disneyland on Twitter

mickey Disneyland

We have awesome Disney themed costumes in the works for Halloween 2015 – stay tuned!

Are you thinking of going to Mickey’s Halloween Party this year?  Do you have awesome costumes planned?  Maybe we will see you there!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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    Planning on going this year. I think we are going as a star wars family. 🙂

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  6. Mary says:

    I am loving your blog so much, Kate! I’ve never been to Mickey’s Halloween Party & want to go with my boyfriend this year! 🙂

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Oh my goodness! You should totally go! Get a cute costume and go! It is seriously so fun, you gotta do it at least once =)

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    wow this looks crazy fun!

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