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Minions opens on July 10th

Posted on: by Kate : 3 Comments
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Minions is the much anticipated prequel to Despicable Me.  If your kids are anything like my kids, and if you are anything like me it’s possible your kids have driven you batty with Minion reenactments. My kids love their ridiculous gibberish and silly antics. They love everything from their short, stout stature to their overalls, to their nasal voices.  They love their strong allegiance to Gru and all things wicked. One thing my kids asked regularly between Minions Improv was “Where did the Minions come from and why did they want to follow Gru Mom?”

“For the love you guys, I have no idea….. they are just Minions.” but that never satisfied my minions, it only led to more questions.

Minions answers those questions for us! Minions follows three lovable guys – Kevin, Stuart, and Bob as they go out to find a new evil leader.  The whole tribe has no sense of purpose without a villain to serve. Scarlett Overkill (played by the amazing Sandra Bullock) has the wicked goal to take over as Queen of England and Kevin, Stuart, and Bob strive to help her fulfill her mission with all the loyalty you would assume.

This is seriously the perfect silly summer movie for kids.  No fancy message to note – except that Minions are as hilarious and loveable as ever. We really enjoyed that they are not just in the movie – but they are truly the stars of this sequel.  The kids thought it was even funnier than the original!

When you go see the movie make sure to share a fun picture using the hashtag #Minions – or if you are really feeling into it – #Beedo

Minions is rated PG and opens on July 10, 2015! Enjoy!

Update – want to rent Minions? or even buy it to own?  Check it out on Amazon (affiliate link)

Until Next Time ~ Kate
3 Responses
  1. Elena says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie.

  2. Christina Dominguez says:

    This movie hasn’t come to our town yet and my kids are going crazy waiting for it. I am even a little excited to see this prequel…..I think it looks especially cute!

  3. Chong says:

    I am taking my grandkids to see this film today. I know they are going to love it!

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