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Miracles from Heaven Review. Should I bring the kids?

Posted on: by Kate
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miracles-from-heavenA few nights ago our family attended an early press screening of Miracles from Heaven.  I have had several readers and friends ask for a Miracles from Heaven Review.  Several have asked “Should I bring the kids to Miracles from Heaven?” This is a personal question for sure.  I think every parent has to decide for themselves if they should bring their kids to see Miracles from Heaven (or any movie).  But I hope this review is helpful, read other reviews as well and make your decision.  Everyone in our family gave the movie two thumbs up!

My two oldest came with me (both age 9).  Both were encouraged in their faith but also said it was ‘the scariest movie they ever saw’.  Let me break that down for you, without any spoilers.  Miracles from Heaven chronicles the miraculous and unexplained spontaneous remission of a little girl with an incurable and deadly condition.  The main character Anna is my kid’s age.  I think it was very hard for them to see the things she endured because they could identify with her as a person.  I think seeing anyone in pain simply scares them.  They also said it was the best movie they ever saw because (and I assume you know from the title so this isn’t a spoiler) “Jesus made her well!”

Now, they said it was scary, but I should note it was an extremely mild movie as far as scariness. Nobody dies.  Nobody hurts anyone else.  While there is a lot going on medically, you see very little. The special effects are mostly prosthetic, a big fake tree, and a butterfly. Nothing flashy or intense in the special effects department.  As far as bad words or sexiness – this movie has neither.

That being said, I cried my face off. While it seems like a lifetime ago and she has been relatively healthy since, my littlest has had two major surgeries; one being open heart surgery at only 4 months old. We’ve also had some “We aren’t quite able to diagnose this, so you are just gonna need to watch your kid in pain” moments. Identifiable moments slayed me.  I sat next to a friend who came to the screening with me.  My friend is a cancer survivor.  My friend’s son is also a cancer survivor.  She has been in Anna’s shoes and her mother’s shoes.  And we both sat there blubbering.

Miracles from Heaven in un-apologetically faith based.  If you are a believer, you are gonna love it!  If you are not so into Jesus, you should just know that it is going to give you some feels in the spiritual realm and I just thought I should prep you.  I absolutely love that there are some movies now that we as a family of faith can identify with.  I know this is a niche market and I appreciate Hollywood making movies that celebrate faith.  I love that this movie was something all generations can watch together, can identify with, and nobody is going to be embarrassed.  Miracles from Heaven is a wholesome movie that I found inspiring.

One thing I really want to point out is this movie does not say that big miracles happen only to those with big faith.  It also points to the little miracles that we sometimes take for granted – good friends, great timing, kindness of strangers.  Sometimes it is a little girl who unexplainably is healed; sometimes it is friends who bring dinner when you just don’t have the energy to make dinner.  Many of us don’t have personal experience with being brought back from ‘no hope’, but we can all see little miracles and we can all be little miracles to others.

Want to read the book before you see the movie – here it is on Amazon – prime eligible!

Now, I must be honest, in the past I have not been a fan of most faith based movies.  I REALLY have wanted to, but I just can’t.  Don’t hate me for saying this brothers and sisters, but I find them so cheesy. While Miracles from Heaven has it’s moments, it is the for the most part ‘cheese free’. 😉  The cast is incredibly talented and led by the amazing Jennifer Garner.

I have included the trailer of Miracles from Heaven below – it is in theaters on March 16th. I think it is the best movie to celebrate Easter!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
Comments: 9 Responses
  1. angie says:

    can not wait to see this movie it sounds like an awesome movie the entire family can enjoy together

  2. Andrea says:

    this one looks very promising – i’ve been hearing a LOT of good things about it! 🙂

  3. I can’t wait! I really liked War Room and felt it was fairly cheese-free. How would this compare to that film? It does sound maybe too intense for my five year old, though. What do you think?

    • kate says:

      hi! I honestly didnt see War Room (i know, i know, I am the worst!) – I think 5 is the minimum I would consider it appropriate for. If your 5 year old has been entertained by ‘real people’ movies it might be OK but some stuff might be too emotional or just too over his/her head to keep their attention – also, if you have any feelings inside at all you are gonna bawl during at least a few parts – and that might scare your kiddo. I would maybe read a few more reviews before you decide – there is VERY little blood shown, no surgeries or anything – but you know she is in pain, you do see throwing up – if your kiddo is sensitive I would just look at other reviews =)

  4. Maria Hass says:

    I am totally with you – I don’t like a lot of Christian movies! I didn’t enjoy the second Left Behind though I did the first one – until I read the series… and then I was disappointed. I’m ok with Fireproof, chasing the Giants, and courageous, because they were well written movies inspite of the cheesiness. Other movies make me roll my eyes and gag! So on that note alone I will be looking forward to watching Miracles from Heaven.

  5. Alonda says:

    I am really excited to see this movie! I can’t wait! I am hoping the ladies group at our church will make a date out of it again.

  6. Thank you for the review. I look forward to seeing the movie. Sounds like a great story, and I love Jennifer Garner. I’m glad she would do a faith-based movie like this.

    • kate says:

      Me too Katy! I have read that she was raised in church but kinda stopped making church a habit when she moved to LA – she said in a recent interview that she has made sure to bring her kids to her local church each Sunday since she became involved in the movie. I love that so much! She is a great actress and it is a really well made movie =)

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