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Modest Girl Costume Ideas

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Modest girl costume ideas for Halloween and costume parties.  I am a firm believer that girls can dress however they want, but I know that as a girl I did not want ‘sexy’ costumes.  My daughters want to have cute costumes that are cute and fun but are not meant to be flirty.  If you are looking for a costume for yourself or your daughters that are modest and still adorable, we have lots of fun ideas!

modest Costume Ideas

Over the years our kids have had some amazing costumes for trick or treat, school dress up, Halloween parties, and more! Our kids love to dress up when going to Disneyland, to Oogie Boogie Bash and Dapper Day.For our girls, they want cute costumes that they do not feel too exposed in; that is simply more fun for them.  Below are some ideas for modest costumes for your child.

Where to buy Modest Girl’s Costumes

Many of these costumes can be purchased online or can be made with thrifted pieces. Our costumes usually consist of a couple clothing items that can be worn again.  We personally love to hunt for costume pieces early and curate an outfit entirely from thrifted pieces. We know that you cannot always take this time so we also have posted direct affiliate links to premade costumes that are well made and a reasonable price.  Before you shop for a new modest costume online we suggest thrifting, Facebook market place, Poshmark, or even asking to organize a costume swap at a local school or church.

Our favorite Modest Costume Ideas!

Eliza Hamilton

eliza schuyler costume easy

Alice in Wonderland


Phineas and Ferb fans will be all about saying “Watcha dooo-in?”

Isabella Phineas and Ferb Costume DIY No Sew

A League of their Own – PEACHES costume!
The new series from Amazon is even better than the original movie based on a true story!  Adult and kids costumes are available from Amazon!


Joy Inside Out Costume

DIY Joy Costume Inside Out


Disgust Inside Out Costume

Sadness Inside Out Costume

sadness costume

Lilo Costume Ideas – DIY!

DIY Lilo Costume

Honey Lemon Costume

Honey Lemon easy tween and teen costume DIY

American Girl Doll MOLLY Costume

Boo Monster’s Inc Costume

boo sully costume

Linda Belcher – Bob’s Burgers Costume

linda belcher costume

Tina Belcher – Bob’s Burgers Costume

Louise Belcher  – Bob’s Burgers Costume

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costume

easy RBG no sew costume

Maid Marian Costume

Easy Robin Hood and Maid Marian Costumes

Moira Rose Costume

Moira and Johnny Rose Costumes

Alexis Rose Costume

Agnes Costume

agnes despicable me costume no sew

Mary Poppins Costume

mary poppins bert costumes

Jane Banks Costume

jane and michael banks costumes

Bride Costume

RBG Costume – Easy DIY!

easy RBG no sew costume

Elphaba Costume – Coming Soon!

Galinda Costume – Coming Soon!

Amelia Bedelia Costume – Coming Soon!

Rey Costume – Coming Soon!

AOC – Costume Coming Soon!

She Hulk – Attorney at Law Costume – COMING SOON!

Does your costume need to be modest? Absolutely not. I think the whole saying ‘modest is hottest’ is problematic in every way. If you want to be modest that is great, but I am not here to shame a girl, woman, or female presenting person into being modest.  It is 2022 (or whatever time you are reading this!) and you can dress however YOU want!  But if you are most comfortable covered up, we hope these are some fun ideas for you.  What are your favorite ideas for modest costumes? Are there some modest costumes that we have not thought of here?



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