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Motivating the Kids for Back to School

Posted on: by Kate

So our kids are really excited about Back To School this week!  They are still in elementary school so everything is very exciting!  We’ve done all the back to school shopping, they have extra cute outfits for the first week and picture day, cool backpacks and lunchboxes, a completely checked off school supply list, and a nice note for their teacher.  Even at 7 years old we still have some back to school jitters though.  The kids are excited to see their old friends, but they are worried that their class is not the same as last year.  They were excited to each see a handful of buddies and had a wee bit of anxiety that many of the kids are new to them.  Just like any kid they just really want their teachers to like them and they want all the kids to like them.  Lucky for them, they are a pretty likeable bunch and we have no worries at all that this will be anything other than a fabulous school year!

Motivating the kids for Back to School

We’ve had a fabulous SoCal Summer, but we are really excited to open this new school year!  Daddy thought it might be fun to leave the kids a little surprise for back to school.  Harry teaches an early class on Mondays so he wasn’t there to say “Have a great day at back to school” in person, but that didn’t stop him!  He got up early and drew this picture (see the resemblance?).  He took the time to cut out an extra piece so the kids could make the mouth move, which they thought was all kinds of hilarious….. that is until the baby broke it…… I’m not gonna lie, that sweet moment turned to a big giant whine fest in 0.2 seconds.


….. and then I opened the refrigerator door.

love notes


Now this is blogworthy because it isn’t very typical, this was a special treat from Daddy for all of us.  I am also sharing because it was a really simple thing that really made all of us feel loved and started the day off really well.  There is a lot we did to prepare for back to school, some of it was pricey, some of it was tedious and time consuming, most of it was necessary…. but this is what I will remember most.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Chauncee Hood says:

    Awww, very sweet. It is most definitely these little things that carry us through & brighten our days.

    • Kate says:

      Isn’t it sweet? I thought for a second “Oh, I wish he did this everyday!” but then I remembered that if he did do it everyday I wouldn’t be as excited about it when he does 😉 – I do think it had a lot to do with why we had a great day that day!

  2. Love this!! You’ve got a great man!

  3. […] Daddy made funny posters to make them laugh on the first day even though he couldn’t be there.  He also put a sweet note in the fridge just for me. *swoon* […]

  4. SHANNON R says:

    I have to try some of these cute suggestions after this summer. I got a boy going into Kindergarten which I know will be really nervous and a 2nd grader.

  5. Katie Pitman says:

    This is really sweet, Kate. From everything you write about him, he sounds wonderful. My husband is like that too, really sweet in both big & small ways.

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