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Muppets Most Wanted Printables

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Muppets Most Wanted is a hilarious movie for kids and families. Below are fun how to draw printables and more! Enjoy these Muppet printables for home and school! Learn how to draw the Muppets and other fun characters from this blog. Teachers and students can uses these no prep printable activity pages for fun days at school!

Below kids can learn to draw the Muppets with simple step by step instructions. There are also printable door hangers and a fun printable postcard that you can really mail! We are so thankful to our friends at Disney who send high resolution printables to celebrate upcoming movies like Muppets Most Wanted.

Watch Muppets Most Wanted from home today!!


muppets most wantedWho here is so excited about Muppets Most Wanted?  Our kids love The Muppets…. and when I say our kids, what I mean is all of us love The Muppets.  I mean, they are kinda awesome!  I love that we can look forward to a fun movie for the whole family!  We are excited for Muppets Most Wanted to open in theaters on March 21st – until then we are enjoying these fun FREE Muppets Most Wanted Printables!  These are an awesome Rainy Day or Snowy Day activity!  These also make fun and frugal #DisneySide party activities! Please click through and print as many as you would like!  No need to sign up for anything – enjoy!

How to Draw Animal from the Muppets

muppets most wanted Animal

Now that you know How To Draw Animal, Click on the next printable for “How to draw Beaker” printable.

How to Draw Beaker from the Muppets

muppets most wanted Beaker

Now that you know How To Draw Beaker, Click on the next printatble to view the “How to draw Fozzie Bear”.

How to Draw Fozzie Bear from the Muppets

muppets most wanted Fozzie Bear

Click on the next printable to view the “How to draw Kermit the Frog” printable.

How to Draw Kermit the Frog From the Muppets

muppets most wanted Kermit the frog

Now that you know How To Draw Kermit the Frog you gotta learn how to Draw Miss Piggy! “How to draw Miss Piggy” printable.

How to Draw Miss Piggy From the Muppets

muppets most wanted miss piggy

Click on the next printable to view the “Send a postcard from Kermit”.

Printable Postcards – Muppets

muppets most wanted postcard

“How to send invisible notes” printable.


muppets most wanted printable

Last up is the “Muppets Most Wanted Door Hanger” printable.

muppets most wanted door hanger

Thank you to our friends at Disney for sending these fun Muppet Printable activity pages. We hope it helps our friends enjoy being silly and creative. Make sure to check out our blog for hundreds of other free printable activity pages and coloring sheets.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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    thanks for sharing my 4 year old loves the muppets

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