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Music Icon Halloween Costume Ideas!

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Family and Group costumes are so much fun. Today, Cassie is back to share her family’s Music Icon group costume. Music fans will love how they feature several rock and roll legends. Check out their DIY rock icon costumes below.  Items can be thrifted or purchased online and many pieces can be used again.  Check out how they really get into the character of the person they are recreating. Costume ideas for Freddie Mercury, Sia, Britney Spears, Slash, and more music legends. These are ‘no sew’ costumes that can be made with pieces from a thrift store or easy online purchases. Get ready for a group costume as rocks stars or pick an individual music icon to dress up as.

This Halloween we decided to give everyone a little more say as to who they wanted to be, within the overall theme of “Music Icons”  I love the choices everyone made and it turned into a very fun family singing photo shoot. So many rock and roll music Icon costume ideas, there is something for everyone in a big group!

Rock and Roll Costume Ideas

rock and roll group costume ideasRock and Roll is as much of an American tradition as Halloween. Rock and Roll music icons are a perfect Trick or Treat Halloween Costume Idea. A huge group of Music Icons is the perfect inspiration for a costume contest or Halloween party. With so many musical legends to choose from, there is a good fit for just about anyone of any age or gender. Here are some incredibly popular musicians from years gone by to inspire your Halloween costume.

Freddie Mercury Costume

EASY diy freddie mercury costume

I knew right away I wanted a Freddie Mercury costume.  I love all queen songs and my kids will sing right along with me in the car.  I usually have very short hair which would be perfect for this costume however when pandemic closures hit… I just stopped getting my hair cut and now it is way too long so alas, I needed a wig.  This costume was very simple yet easily recognizable.  the glasses and white tank were easy and cheap Walmart finds.  The light jeans I found at a thrift store and the wig and belt were found on our local Facebook marketplace.  A lot of the arm bands like this one that are sold online are sized for men so they would be way to big for me, and I was considering using a cat collar… but I ended up finding a smaller arm band on Amazon that would work for my arm size.  The microphone stick makes this costume recognizable.  I found both of those on Facebook marketplace.  It was originally a boom mic stand, but I just dis-attached the boom and used that.  I found many Adidas white and  black sneakers at thrift stores but never in my size… finally I located a good inexpensive pair on Poshmark. The best costume facial hair is Rubie’s brand.  It is inexpensive and applied with a glue, but it looks much more real than stick one and it lasts all day and can be reused.  My Halloween sites and stores including Amazon sell Rubie’s brand facial hair.

rock legends costume freddie mercury

Slash Guns and Roses Costume

guns and roses diy slash costume

Grandma decided to be Slash from Gun’s and Roses.  We already had the top hat from when we did The Greatest Showman, so we were able to reuse that!  I just added a belt around the base when I already owned.  The wig was reused too, as she wore it originally when she was the Bearded lady.  I love when costume pieces are able to be used again!  Her aviators were a Walmart find and her “leather” pants were thrift store.  I found her a guns and roses t-shirt on Poshmark.  The boots she already owned, the guitar was from our rock band set, and the cigarette came courtesy of Auntie.  We even got her a fake nose ring from Amazon and they look SO REAL!  My kids had fun playing around with those.

guns and roses group costume


Axl Rose Costume

My husband originally was planning on being Debbie Gibson, and we had thrifted an entire outfit, but when he tried it on it looked hilariously awful.  I kid you not he looked like ET when the kids dressed him up like a woman.  We made a last minute change to Axl Rose.  This worked out great because this is the second year that Grandma has been the team mate to his costume (last year they were Hook and Smee).  He already owned the ripped up jeans and black sleeveless shirt. The black boots I found on Poshmark and were originally slated for Debbie Gibson but worked great in this crossover.  The jewelry were pieces found around the house except for the large cross necklace which we found at a local costume shop called “The Dallas Vintage Shop”  This place has a TON of wigs too which is where we found his Axl wig, which was basically for a “hippie” costume.  The red bandanna was found at Party City.

no sew diy axl rose costume

Music Icon costumes

Cyndi Lauper Costume

cyndi lauper 80s costume halloween

My sister decided on Cyndi Lauper.  Her look is basically known for her crazy hair, accessories and bright colors so that is what we set out for.  The dress we found at a thrift store and the shrug was Facebook marketplace.  The yellow tights were found at Party City.  We found basically all her jewelry at a garage sales, aside from the earrings which we found at the Dallas Vintage Costume Shop.  She already owned her black combat boots and the gloves we got to reuse from a previous Mary Poppins costume.  Her hair we snazzed up with lots of teasing and those fun spray colors you can find in the Halloween section of Walmart.

Rick Astley Costume

rick astley costume diy

My oldest daughter is obsessed with Rick Astley.  Who is Rick Astley you ask?  A lot of people may not know his name, but you most definitely know his music.  He is the one who sings “Never Gonna Give You Up”.  In fact I bet you are singing it now, you have been Rick rolled… you’re welcome.  She loves his music and has his posters hanging on her bedroom wall, it was no surprise to me that she chose to be him.  We based her costume off of his clothes from the famous song.  The white pants and striped collared shirt we found on Poshmark.  The belt, jacket and loafers were all thrift store finds.  Her wig I found on Amazon and this microphone stand was also a Facebook marketplace find.

SIA Costumes

easy diy sia costume

My middle daughter chose SIA.  you can’t do SIA without that hair and bow.  There are actually quite a few SIA wigs out there.  We went with the one from her official store but the bow needed to be affixed to a headband in order for it to stay upright like that.  The jumpsuit and jacket and shoes we found at a thrift store.

Britney Spears Costume

britney spears easy kids costume

My littlest decided on Britney Spears.  One of the most iconic (and appropriate) looks was the school girl one.  The skirt and grey cardigan were found on Poshmark.  Her white shirt and long knee high socks were found at thrift stores.  The pink puff ball hair ties were found at Claire’s and her shoes were Ross.

Puffball Hairties 

rock and roll party costume ideas

It was fun to look through pics and choose poses to replicate… man were my legs sore after all those Freddie Mercury lunges!  As each person took their photos everyone was singing that character’s song which made for a super fun shoot with lots of laughing.

Want to see more amazing Group Costumes? They also shared their photo shoot of The Greatest Showman and also Peter Pan!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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