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My Wish For You

Posted on: by Kate
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My Wish For You is a beautifully written and illustrated new book that is just the message young girls (and boys!) need right now.  Written by actress Kathryn Hahn and illustrated by Brigette Barrager, My Wish For You is sure to empower young girls to embrace and love all that makes them unique.  As a mother of three children, I am always looking for books to encourage self esteem and finding inner strength.  This new book is a perfect addition to your family’s home library as well!


“You are all you need to make your wishes come true!”  Kathryn Hahn – author of My Wish For You

In a library full of princesses needed a handsome prince to rescue you, I personally find this book refreshing and encouraging.  While our family is a huge fan of classic fairy tales, we feel their message can really hold girls back.  My Wish for You encourages girls by letting them know that they have all the tools to make their most beautiful life.  Little girls will be reminded that everything about them is unique and to be cherished. My Wish for You has a body positive message that is woefully absent in most books.  It encourages girls to be nice, but also to shout, and cry, and have ‘big, big feelings’. It encourages girls to be fearless, to have dreams, to be imaginative; and never once does that dream involve a prince.

inclusive childrens book

One of the first things that struck me in this book is the diversity.  My girls are biracial and we have many friends with different backgrounds when it comes to race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and countries of origin.  As a white woman, I honestly didn’t notice until a few years ago that so much of the content available to us was not as diverse as the world we live in. The books and movies we looked at mostly had characters that looked like me, so I rarely noticed if there wasn’t someone who looked different. I think that is a shame, and I am glad to see more diverse options available now. My Wish for You includes dozens of little girls with very different looks.  The illustrator, Brigetter Barrager gave great attention to different skin tones, facial features, hair textures, and even clothing choices when she designed this book.  I believe this is the first book our family has owned that features a child wearing a hijab. While we are not Muslim, I am thankful that our children have that representation in books we read. I cannot imagine what that type of representation must mean to little girls who wear a hijab but rarely see it depicted in books. My youngest was quick to point out that one little girl has ‘beautiful braids like Meri’ and that another has ‘brown skin and brown eyes like me’. Over the years, diversity and representation has become much more important to our family and this book does an excellent job of being inclusive in this area.

reading together

While this picture book is clearly aimed at a younger audience, the message is universal.  My tween boy and tween girl both sat down to read it with their little sister.  This is a beautiful book to read at home or school.  We personally like to give books as a small family gift.  This would be the perfect gift for families with young children, everyone in the family is sure to enjoy it together. Gifting this book to your children, grandchildren, or friends is a unique way to show that you want the recipient to live boldly on their own terms. Girls (and boys) everywhere can always use some motivation to always be who they are and find their unique sparkle.

My Wish For You was published in September 2018 and is the perfect holiday gift!  While there are Audible books available, I HIGHLY suggest purchasing the hardcover copy either at your local bookstore or through Amazon.  The illustrations are as much a part of the powerful and beautiful message as the words are.


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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    Thank you for this post! I’m getting I’ve for my daughter & one for my niece!

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