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Natural Snoring Remedy

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As I have stated before, my husband snores. Listening to my husband snore at night is the worst. He finally surrendered our desire to use a natural stop snoring remedy and just went with an anti snoring prescription medicine. We didn’t like it, but it was all that worked! We really wanted something natural, but nothing we tried worked.  Many things can cause snoring, my husband has a deviated septum. Our doctor did suggest surgery, but said that surgery did not guarantee that he would stop snoring.  We tried everything and we found one thin that is natural that worked for his snoring. I can’t wait to tell you all about the Natural Snoring Remedy that has worked for us! I suggest everyone who wants to try a natural option to try  Valor Essential Oil for snoring.  Honestly and truly, Essential Oils are the only thing that have really worked for my husband. Thankfully, I can sleep because of this essential oil that helps relieve my husband’s air ways so he can sleep quietly!

Natural snoring remedy

The prescription medicine he was using worked pretty well for a while.  Most nights it kept him from snoring, but over time it became less and less effective. After a while it was suggested he get a stronger prescription since it didn’t seem to be working as well as it had in the beginning. While the doctor reminded us this was a very small amount of steroids, we just didn’t like the idea of that going up his nose every night, even in very small doses; and now they were suggesting more.

Now I know there are many different reasons for why people snore.  My husband was told by his doctor that his was caused by a deviated septum.  He was told he could have surgery, but there was only about a 75% chance that would end his snoring.  Considering the surgery was only covered at 80% and we would have to pay 20% out of pocket (what are we, billionaires?) we decided to continue to look for a natural snoring remedy.

Well, as many of you know, I finally was worn down by my oil loving friend Renee.  I was the skeptic to end all skeptics.  Now I hate to be that person that is all…..

Natural Snoring Remedy


Because they don’t.  But I can tell you – my husband uses Young Living Valor every night and he does not snore.  Just like that.  Teensie drop on his temples every night and it has been the end of his snoring. Seriously – world’s easiest natural snoring remedy folks – essential oils.

We thought it was a fluke the first night and then the second.  After about a week I was sold out.  Hallelujah.  I believe.

Harry still thought it was crazy.

“How can a tiny oil dropped on my skin make me not snore?  That’s really crazy Babe.”  He said.

“I don’t know, but see how I am all nicer to you today, and yesterday, and the day before?  Like nicer than I was the week before?” Me

*thinks about it* “Yeah.” Him

“That’s because I got a decent night’s sleep.” Me

“Yeah, but how do you know I didn’t snore? ” Him

“Because your snoring always wakes me up, and this week I went to bed shortly after you did and then I woke up at 6am, because the grizzly bear I typically sleep with has been silenced.” Me

A couple times he tried to not use it and guess what – he snored.  He put his natural snoring remedy oils on and guess what?  He stopped.

I am no doctor, I am no scientist.  I am just a wife who listened to 12 years of snoring every single night and then one day I didn’t anymore, and you just can’t fake that. Natural snoring remedy did that?

I think it is kinda silly when someone blogs about how they made this new change and you come to find out it was only for like a week.  I waited on this for nearly two months before I started writing this post.  I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something his deviated septum would eventually overcome.  I wanted to make sure that Valor was really providing lasting snoring relief for him.  At this point he has been using Valor for nearly 3 months and his experience is it is the easy fix to his snoring problem.  I can honestly say he does not snore when he puts Valor on his temples before bedtime!

A bottle of Valor is tiny  – but it lasts for a very long time.  He has used it every night I was home (I have traveled several days over the last three months, but I was home far more nights than not) and he still has about half a bottle.   The bottle costs about $17.  The prescription we were using was $20 with our crummy insurance – he typically ran out in less than a month. That is some pretty legit savings for our house! *A reader pointed out shipping is pretty high for one bottle – I actually was not aware of the shipping charge for just one bottle because mine came in a starter kit that had an OK shipping cost.  Anyway, I thought I should make a note of it, shipping makes it a bit pricier.*

In our experience, Valor has been more cost effective than the prescription steroid we were using before.

In our experience Valor was more effective than the prescription we were using before.  Could your experience be different?  Absolutely.  Could your experience be the same?  There are many other people who have said it was the only thing that has helped them or their partner stop snoring.  I would personally give it a try!

Even if it doesn’t work for you – you would be out $17 for trying.  (Or less if you buy it wholesale!)

We personally like the smell (combination of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, & Frankincense) far more than the medicines he was using before as well.

Anyway, it has been such a simple solution to a chronic issue in our house that I had to pass that information along.  I am not one for multi level anything, I am not a hard seller,  but I must admit I am a huge believer in oils.  If you are looking for a natural remedy to snoring I HIGHLY suggest giving it a try! You can sign up for Young Living here!

If you are struggling with snoring and you want to find a natural snoring remedy I suggest Valor to all of my friends!  I am so glad we found Valor and could ditch the medication that only worked ‘so so’ anyway!  Pleasant dreams!

* Update – I have received a fair amount of feedback that people would like an option that does not include the Multi Level Marketing aspect – while you can purchase Young Living products only as a consumer (you never have to sell), I still totally get it.  Here is an option of the same oil combination (Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense) as found in Valor (my assumption is it is slightly different amounts, but very close) that several readers have told me also works for them …

* note the “Align”by Eden’s Garden is only slightly less expensive than the Young Living version but it is twice the size.  While it is not eligible for Amazon Prime it’s shipping is a little less than Young Living as well.  I have not tried Align but when we run out of Valor we plan on using this to save money and it has come highly recommended.

Now I now that there are some folks that just love one particular brand and I won’t dispute your love for one brand over another – BUT certain labels such as “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” are actually trademarked phrases by the oil company that puts them on the label.  When a company says something like “No other company can say it is ‘certified pure therapeutic grade'” it is NOT necessarily speaking of the quality of the product but the fact that the phrase is trademarked.  That’s silly and not worth extra money in my opinion.  Now that isn’t to say you might not like one brand’s mix better than another, but it is worth noting in my opinion.  I have put in links for Young Living if you want to try to original (which is the only one we have tried) and also for Align which appears to be a very similar product that is much less expensive (but comes with no fancy phrases).

This is one of our most popular posts – if you are interested in more info about Essential Oils – please check out our Essential Oil giveaway (the giveaway is over, but there is still tons of helpful info from when I first discovered the joy of Essential Oils and it is so worth reading!)

Legal mumbo jumbo that is required by the FTC by any bloggers that talk about how they use oils * This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Nanette G says:

    My husband is a snorer. Trying this tonight! He’s pretty skeptical too, so we shall see 😉 valor is one of my favorites.

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      let me know how it works for you! It has also helped me with congestion – I don’t snore but it does help me breathe better – and it honestly and truly helps my husband – I don’t get how it works but it really does for him – I am sure that everyone has different reasons for snoring, but this is natural and certainly worth the try! =)

  2. Paola says:

    Do you put it on neat or with a carrier ok?

    • kate says:

      hi – he puts it on neat – he has actually started putting it on his temples as well as his feet – we think the smell helps relax his sinuses – it really works for his particular issue, I hope it works for you too! While he uses it neat he does not have sensitive skin and prefers it full strength – I would always suggest mixing w a carrier (we use coconut oil w the kids) first.

  3. Jan Syvertsen says:

    I have a question..since VALOR has been out of stock for several months…what other brand have you tried that works? I know you mentioned Eden’s Garden.. did you try that brand yet and did it work?

    • kate says:

      Hi Jan – we personally started using the edens garden brand when Valor was out of stock as well – I don’t ever want to say anything bad about YL so please hear me when I say I LOVE Valor – but honestly the Edens Garden version works just as well for my husband. That isn’t to say it would work the same for anyone – but I feel it is worth a try and for us (and many others) it gets the job done. My husband has been using one or the other for about a year now and unless he is sick he doesn’t snore – I can’t explain it but I think it just opens breathing passages for his condition =) I hope you find one that works!

  4. Molly says:

    How has it been going with the alternative brand?
    Also, please share how he applies to stop the snoring. Thank you!

    • kate says:

      Hi Molly – we have been using both off and on and honestly (and this is just us – I cannot speak for everyone) it works exactly the same – it was suggested to us to put on the bottoms of his feet which oddly works BUT we feel it works better when he has it on his temples so he can breathe it in – it seems to open up his breathing passages – I don’t snore but I do have congestion often and I have noticed it helps me too! I would never say anything bad about the Young Living original – it is GREAT and it might be the best for some (I don’t sell it anymore – my link will just go to YL directly) – but for us the similar blend works great =)

  5. kristi says:

    Can the Valor be diluted with carrier oil and achieve same results?

    • kate says:

      i actually read that as the recommendation but my husband uses it straight – I would suggest everyone use it as it is recommended especially if they have sensitive skin. He used it with coconut oil the first week or so and it honestly and truly worked for him that first night – i would try it that way first =)

  6. Mohan says:

    Thanks for sharing this experience. I would like to try this. One of my friend has undergone treatment for snoring. I think it won’t work in the severe conditions.

  7. Hannah says:

    How many drops do you use with the carrier oil to stop snoring?

    • kate says:

      hi Hannah ~ He now puts just a little coconut oil on his temples and then just puts one drop of valor on his finger and then rubs it into the coconut oil on his temples – everyone snores for different reasons, but this is really the best thing he has ever used – even more so than medicine!

  8. Alia says:

    Just curious to know if Valor 11 works the same as Valor?

    • kate says:

      I am not sure – I have only used the original – another oil brand said that the most important part original valor is the blue tansy which is not available at this time – I assume there is a substitute in the valor 11 but I don’t know exactly what they use instead – I think it is always worth a try =)

  9. Lilly says:

    can you suggest when using a 10ml, how many drops of valor would you use?

    • kate says:

      Hi Lilly – I am sure everyone is different – but my husband generally puts a little carrier oil on his temples or feet (vitamin e oil) and then just puts a drop or two in his hand and then rubs it into the carrier oil – it is really effective for him (he has a deviated septum)

  10. LA says:

    when I first started using the valor for my snoring it worked. it has since stopped working. please let me know what is going on or what you think is happening?
    you stated in your post that your husband puts it on his temples? I was told to put on big toe and between the big toe.

    • kate says:

      I have heard people putting it on their feet too – honestly my husband takes a deep breath to kind of open up his passages and then rubs it on his temples. It really works well for him (and me!) but I know others say it works best another way and even some who snore for different reasons than my husband that it simply doesnt work at all. My husband has a severe deviate septum and this seems to be the trick for us.

  11. Scharnee says:

    The first night I used Valor of Young living it worked so well. Now- I’m laying awake with hubby snoring put two drops on his temples even – and still snoring. I am so bummed – I was really excited that it was going to work

    • kate says:

      oh no – this still works great for us – I wonder if maybe your husband has a different reason for snoring? It works great for us- sorry to hear!

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